Month: February 2014

chinese teapots and vintage treasures

I found these pictures today and as I find winter to be a kind of nest building season -perhaps with more hours spent at home-, I thought it would be a good moment for some interior inspiration. So, here we are: Inside a beautiful Brussels apartment surrounded by vintage furniture and souvenirs from Asia. It’s been a while since my friend moved away from this apartment, so I’ll make sure to visit her new inspiring home as well.

super bowl

I can’t believe it’s February already! I’m sorry for the silence, I’ve been prioritizing my newly re-found passion for yoga and studying about food, Ayurveda, vegan-ism and raw food trying to figure out what would be the best way to go for Me. There are so many truths out there, so I guess the right way is to turn attention inward and listen & observe my body. So it’s been a quiet period with a lot of movement under the surface. But now, it’s time for a nutritious breakfast. Get a kick start for the day with this gluten-free Super Bowl of forest fruit, whole grains, seeds and yogurt. Start by stocking up your freezer with frozen organic berries (if you can get to the forest in the autumn and pick your own stock for the winter – even better. If not, you’re local bio shop will have some). I take a portion of berries out in the morning and let them warm up to room temperature while I do my yoga and prepare a …