Month: March 2014

chocolate and peanut butter cups

I know this blog has been all about food lately, and I’m going to continue… I have just been so interested in food for the past months. Here is a recipe for a little vegan treat. These dark chocolate and peanut butter cups are just perfect to accompany your afternoon tea or coffee; or even as a little dessert after a dinner with friends. Here is what you’ll need (the amounts are “about” measures, the main thing is that you get a paste that is together enough to become more solid in the fridge but liquid enough to come off the spoon when you measure it into the small paper baking molds) 1-1,5 dl of oat meal 1-1,5 dl of almond milk 3-4 generous table spoons of natural unsalted peanut butter 2 generous table spoons of almond paste 2-3 table spoons of agave syrup 1/2 tea spoon of vanilla extract 200 g of dark chocolate (melted) Mix all the ingredients except for the chocolate in a large bowl and blend them into a paste with …

a new week

I think I can state with confidence that a lot of people said this morning how much they “hate Mondays”. OK, most of us need to get back to work, most of us feel that we are not working in our dream job, the lazy mornings and days are over for a full five days before we can again close the PC, clock out and shout from the bottom of our lungs: “It’s Friday!” (at least mentally if not out loud). Especially if we stayed up till early morning hours in the weekend, it might be difficult to get back into the routine again. This morning I forced myself out of bed at 6am. I did my yoga and right now I’m writing this and having breakfast. I’m lucky that I can start working anywhere between 7 and 10am and this allows me to have plenty of time for myself in the morning: Exercise, take a shower, beauty ritual, nice breakfast and some surfing on the internet. Wouldn’t it be great if we could enjoy …

sunday mornings <3

How wonderful it is to wake up and see this: To enjoy the trees in the garden and the light flowing into the kitchen, preparing a tasty brunch together and taking the time to enjoy it is the best these early spring Sunday mornings have to offer.  

The better “bad” with spinach and ricotta

I love pizza. It’s just too bad that after a tasty and juicy margarita I often feel bloated and heavy. Also too bad that the gluten-free pizza bases don’t tend to offer that same crispy stone-baked feel. So, while looking for the perfect gluten-free (vegan!) pizza that exists in my dreams and at Blazing Salads in Dublin, I decided to try and make a slightly healthier version. The base has less gluten and more nutrients and the toppings include leafy greens and fresh herbs. All ingredients are organic of course, so I won’t mention that separately on each line. This recipe makes two pizzas. Pizza base: 2 or 2,5 dl of whole grain rice flour a good 3 dl of whole grain wheat flour 2 large table spoons of tapioca powder 1 bag of dried yeast 2 table spoons of extra virgin olive oil ( + 1 table spoon separately) 0,5 tea spoon of Himalayan salt 2-2,5 dl of warm (not hot!) water Mix the rice flour, wheat flour, tapioca powder, dried yeast and salt …


Outside and Inside. I love this time of year. Happy Monday everyone! Outside the trees are blooming Inside my tomatoes are growing beautifully. (Remember my promise to add tomatoes to my balcony garden? And by the way all the herbs except for Basil survived the winter, especially Rosemary is doing were well for herself 🙂 )

DIY: nourishing and anti-aging face mask

No better time to pamper yourself than Sunday. I started this sunny day with yoga and a delicious breakfast, followed by a nourishing home made face mask. Mix 1 tablespoon of organic natural goat milk yoghurt, 1 teaspoon of organic honey and 1/2 teaspoon or organic argan oil. Stir the ingredients well in a small cup, apply on your face and neck and leave it on for about 10-15 minutes while you relax to your favourite music. Your skin will benefit from the nourishing and moisturizing effects of natural yoghurt and honey while argan oil is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants. Note: The argan oil is not yet mixed in in the pictures, so give it a good stir to make an even mixture before applying the mask.

Happy Women’s Day

Why I Greet A Woman I greet woman For beauty In body and in soul I know her heart Is pure I know love Flows out from within a woman I love woman A woman takes Optimistic view of life I know A woman’s motto is To love and be loved I greet woman Woman is capable Woman can cook meals Woman can decorate The home in style Woman can teach her kids Woman never feels tired I greet woman Woman is strong and fit Physically and within Woman has confidence Woman takes own decisions And knows better What is right for her Woman has a mind of her own I greet woman Woman is intelligent Woman can used her intelligence To take the world forward I greet woman Woman is reliable Woman has a sense of humor Woman can tackle tricky situation See woman twinkle in her eyes See woman curling up mouth In a smile I greet woman I salute woman Really it is said Woman is Godsend Woman is a best friend …

snowga on lake Äkäslompolo

The spring sun is already shining over Brussels, so I’ll quickly throw in some wintery pictures from my recent trip to Finnish Lapland. While Bikram yoga is drawing the crowds into hot studios, I decided to try Snowga: The perfect way to practice heartwarming asanas and fill up the lungs with fresh air while connecting with the surrounding winter nature. Namaste.