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a new week

I think I can state with confidence that a lot of people said this morning how much they “hate Mondays”. OK, most of us need to get back to work, most of us feel that we are not working in our dream job, the lazy mornings and days are over for a full five days before we can again close the PC, clock out and shout from the bottom of our lungs: “It’s Friday!” (at least mentally if not out loud). Especially if we stayed up till early morning hours in the weekend, it might be difficult to get back into the routine again.

fish on dry land

This morning I forced myself out of bed at 6am. I did my yoga and right now I’m writing this and having breakfast. I’m lucky that I can start working anywhere between 7 and 10am and this allows me to have plenty of time for myself in the morning: Exercise, take a shower, beauty ritual, nice breakfast and some surfing on the internet. Wouldn’t it be great if we could enjoy each day equally and not just live for the weekend? After all, our life is happening NOW… So how to find that balance and joy on a Monday?

balance not used

I motivate myself by trying to keep the weekend feeling alive throughout the week. I suggest to take time for yourself, anyway it’s better to wake up early with the sun than linger in bed till the last minute. Waking up early will feel tough for about 5 minutes, but will leave you much more energized for the day. Staying in bed till the last minute will leave you feeling blurry and sluggish for the whole day and creates stress and hurry first thing in the morning when you have to run out the door, eat your breakfast in the car or in the metro and worry whether you will make it to work on time or not.

At work, put all your focus and energy on the task at hand without constantly looking at your long To-Do list. You’ll find this much more efficient. Try to put your creativity and innovative ideas into any task you’re doing during the day. Smile at your colleagues.

Take time to have a good healthy lunch. If the sun is shining, go out and sit on a bench or take a little walk. This 30min or 1 hour is again My-Time, use it wisely.

Do something nice during the week as well. Go out for dinner or to the movies in the evening, take a walk or do a sport you enjoy, or walk to work if you can. See your friends, go food shopping. Also, try to do a little bit of cleaning and organising around the house during the week. This way you enjoy the week more and create less pressure for yourself for the weekend.

This is a topic that I could write much more about, but now it’s time for me to go to work. Let’s all try to keep our good spirits, find our balance, not demand the impossible from ourselves but do our best with full consciousness and focus instead. Let’s find joy in the little things. Let’s enjoy life in the now. And when Friday comes around again, let’s keep this joy and balance without burning ourselves out with late nights, remember to take enough time to rest and enjoy the quietness as well. Have a Wonderful Day.

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