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pink glasses

You know those mornings when you wake up and you feel so tired that you have to double check that the alarm clock didn’t go off in the middle of the night? Again an early start on a dark morning, again another day of work ahead. Looking back at you from the mirror is a tired face with red spots and obvious indications of a bad hair day. You can’t fit into any of your clothes and you’re running late for  work. In the tram/bus/metro you see all those weird people looking fed up with their lives. It starts raining and everything outside looks so grey and miserable. “Great, just what I needed!” you think to yourself.

Let’s rewind: You wake up in the dark room. You watch the silhouettes of trees dancing in the early morning darkness and you curve into bed for just a moment longer as it’s so nice and cosy. But you want to get up as you feel blessed to wake up to this new day, which will be a great one! You smile at yourself in the mirror and your reflection smiles back looking sleepy and messy-haired and it makes you smile even more. In the tram/bus/metro you look at people: all the different nationalities, beautiful, interesting faces that have seen life or curious looks from kids who are amazed about everything they see. Everyone on their way somewhere, every life  different but equally precious. You feel connected. As the rain starts to fall you throw a scarf over your head, it’s only water after all and it’s needed to clear the air, to freshen everything, to revitalize.

We can always experience any situation from a positive or from a negative perspective, and it’s actually in our hands to choose our point of view; and we can choose it at any moment, even when things have already started going “against us”! It’s our state of mind, our vibration, our energy that creates our experience. So choose to see beauty, seek beauty in everything, Feel Beautiful Now.

And if you need a little extra support in doing so, take a good look at this magical pair of glasses. Whenever you catch yourself falling into a negative thought pattern, remember that you’re just not seeing clearly. Look for your glasses, imagine putting them on your nose and smile!

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