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The 5-Minute Trick to Getting Stuff Done

I’m sure we all have plans, things we would like to do for one reason or another, but only too often we push them to the near future. “Tomorrow I’ll start the diet”, “Tomorrow I’ll start exercising”, “I’ll do this in the evening”.

It can be doing yoga, going to the gym or for a walk outside, or washing the dishes or ironing that pile of laundry, finishing that assignment or organizing the wardrobe. And you know that you would feel so good about yourself when you got this thing done, but when the alarm goes off in the morning it’s so easy to hit the snooze button instead of putting on your runners and think: “I didn’t get a good night sleep, I’ll go tonight, or tomorrow, definitely!”. But in the evening you’re tired, hungry and you hear Hallelujah accompanied by a heavenly orchestra when you look at the couch, not when you look at the pile of dishes. And so the tasks and activities get postponed by another day… (Trust me, I’m speaking from experience)


So, what if you said to yourself: “I’ll Go For 5 Minutes” when that alarm goes off or when you come back from work drained of energy. Five minutes doesn’t sound too bad now, does it? Of course, you know that you’re tricking yourself, that’s why it’s called The 5-Minute Trick. But once you’re on your yoga mat, or at the gym, or the sink is filled with warm soapy water and you have your favorite music playing in the background, it’s very likely that you’ll keep going after the five-minute mark. Because when you’re already in the midst of the activity, you will start to feel the benefits: the fresh air on your walk, feeling the energy coming back after the long day, or after you’ve organized one compartment of your wardrobe you’ll be inspired to continue as it looks great, the sense of achievement is starting to kick in.

Just try it, it’s only five minutes!

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