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March staples

I’m so not “à la mode”. I don’t follow fashion and most of my clothes are years, or decades old. I spend most of my time in yoga pants and big sweaters. But I do like interesting cuts and silhouettes, I like discovering designers who are passionate not only about their brand and sales but also about sustainability and new ways of creating beautiful, ecological products. And I like the power of colours. In March it has been mainly about smoky blues.

march staples 2

Top picture: Vintage Longchamp bag. I got the edgy top one-of-a-kind by Lamda Alpha directly from the designer in Athens. COS cardigans have become a cornerstone of my wardrobe. The Zadig & Voltaire jacket is living it’s third spring now and the beautifully cut power dress by Année érotique has served me through many office-emergencies. The dream soft cashmere scarf from Sian Jacobs has been in so much use that I wonder it is still in one piece, I simply love it! The Dr. Martens’ were a genuine must-buy when I got caught in a snow storm in Dublin with my Converses on (my feet were pretty wet, and it wasn’t warm). The Gentle Souls pumps are the most comfortable pair of heels I own and I’ve had them for a few years now, after getting them second-hand in Dublin.

Lower picture: The MaxMara knitted top was a treasure found for almost nothing at the flea market, the Levi’s jeans were also a great find from a sample sale a few years ago. The mala was a Christmas gift from my husband and the Viona Blu clutch has been the perfect companion on evenings out or as a pouch in my handbag where things so easily get lost. The pottery by Pascale Naessens has made my tea moments that bit more beautiful.

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