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sweet liquorice toffee

As a Finn I love liquorice, especially salt liquorice. There were times we could’ve spoken about an addiction, but luckily living abroad with no regular access to my favorite drug, I have gradually gotten rid of this habit and liquorice has become an occational treat. On my recent trip up north I got some liquorice root powder with an experiment in mind; Would it be possible to produce my own, healthier liquorice treats? After some thought and experiments, I can now share my first liquorice sweets recipe with you other liquorice lovers!

liquorice toffee 5

Sweet Liquorice Toffee

1 dl organic honey

0,5 dl blackstrap molasses

3 heaping table spoons of liquorice root powder

1 teaspoon ground star anis

1 dl natural peanut butter (or use almond/cashew butter for a more neutral taste)

0,5 dl almond milk (or oat milk)

1 tbsp psyllium husk

half a tsp ground vanilla

pinch of salt (fleur de sel)

Mix all ingredients in a saucepan and cook over low heat for 5-10 minutes stirring constantly. You will notice the paste becoming more elastic and sticking better together towards the end. Pour into molds or a silicon baking dish and put into the fridge to cool. Afterwards you can cut the toffee into bars or cubes and wrap into candy papers made of parchment. Use within 5-6 days.

liquorice toffee 3

liquorice toffee 4

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