Month: April 2015

sunny side salad

As the weather is warming up, my warm soup lunches are turning into colorful salad picnics outside. This simple salad works on it’s own or as a side dish. It’s crunchy, it’s sweet and it’s summery! Here is what you’ll need: 3 medium sized carrots 2 ribs of celery a handful of radishes 2 tbsp of sesame seeds a generous handful of seeds (sun flower & pumpkin) a handful of raisins juice of half a lemon and juice of half an orange extra virgin olive oil to taste (1-2 tbsp) Wash, peel and grate the carrots into a bowl. Wash and chop the celery into slices, wash & slice the radishes. Throw in the rest of the ingredients and give it a good mix. This recipe is enough for 2 people, or 4 if used as as side salad.

Schaerbeek Apéro

Last Friday the “Apéros du Parc Josaphat” was still inhabiting it’s winter home at the abandoned tram depot in Schaerbeek (Rue Rubens 95) and we got to enjoy a glass of wine & some vegetarian tapas in the beautiful industrial setting. Music was good, the open wood fire was crackling and people were smiling; All in all a nice way to start the weekend. I’m not completely sure when the Apéro will move outdoors for the summer season, but you can check out their Facebook page before heading towards Schaerbeek.

peppermint & lavender foot bath

I love starting the weekend with some relaxation and an aromatic foot bath is a simple way to include a wellness moment into even an otherwise busy weekend. Here is a simple foot bath for the home-spa. It’s energizing, nourishing and relaxing all at once. Himalayan salt is a source of over 80 trace minerals, plus it releases an unique purifying ionic energy when the salt is mixed with water. Essential oil of Peppermint has a pleasant energizing aroma and creates a cooling sensation on the skin while improving circulation. It’s antifungal properties make it the perfect addition to a foot bath. Lavender relaxes and cleanses. 2 dl of Himalayan salt 5 drops of essential oil of Lavender 5-7 drops of essential oil of Peppermint (you can also add some dried lavender) Mix all ingredients in a jar. Fill a large basin with warm water, add 0,5-1 dl of the foot bath mix into the water and soak your feet in it for 15-20 minutes while you sit back and relax. There is no need …