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peppermint & lavender foot bath

I love starting the weekend with some relaxation and an aromatic foot bath is a simple way to include a wellness moment into even an otherwise busy weekend. Here is a simple foot bath for the home-spa. It’s energizing, nourishing and relaxing all at once. Himalayan salt is a source of over 80 trace minerals, plus it releases an unique purifying ionic energy when the salt is mixed with water. Essential oil of Peppermint has a pleasant energizing aroma and creates a cooling sensation on the skin while improving circulation. It’s antifungal properties make it the perfect addition to a foot bath. Lavender relaxes and cleanses.

2 dl of Himalayan salt

5 drops of essential oil of Lavender

5-7 drops of essential oil of Peppermint

(you can also add some dried lavender)

Mix all ingredients in a jar. Fill a large basin with warm water, add 0,5-1 dl of the foot bath mix into the water and soak your feet in it for 15-20 minutes while you sit back and relax. There is no need to wash your feet afterwards, just dry them with a clean towel, apply your favourite moisturizer and slip on your woolly sock or high heels, depending on your plans for the rest of the evening.

salt soak 2

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