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hotdogs & hippies

After a delicious organic breakfast at our hotel we stepped out into the less than perfect Copenhagen summer with an umbrella and a flask of jasmin green tea and set forth in search of hotdogs & hippies. Our walk took us through the high streets, canals and bridges of the old town all the way the free-city of Christiania. After passing through the drug centered promenade we found ourselves surrounded by creative residents fixing their boats, working on their gardens or simply chilling out in the quiet surroundings of this creative community.


I laid out my mat by the lake and took a few moments to savour the unique atmosphere provided by the picturesque surroundings and the fresh rain-cleansed air before I began my familiar practice.


Christiania has many small cafes and eateries to explore and we found a perfect afternoon pick-me up at Morgenstedet.


The whole community is overgrown, with nature allowed to run free much as the rest of the society has and the abundance of brightly coloured flowers is matched with the diversity of personalized, inspiring homes. Creativity seems in bloom everywhere you look.


After “entering the EU” again as the sign at the border of Christiania informed us we were suddenly surrounded by trucks filled with screaming students with white hats celebrating their graduation from high school. Even now from our hotel room we can still hear the horns, the cheers and the heavy beats from the trucks as they continue their long parade traversing the Copenhagen streets.


Foodie tip of the day: DØP, the organic hot dog vendor worth tasting! All ecogical and a delicious take on a traditional Danish fast food delicacy won’t let you down but rather leave you craving for more. They cater for vegetarians as well and it’s a treat not to be missed.


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