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easy beetroot salad

Back, at last! New computer, new Photoshop subscription and new energy. Luckily I had stored the photos from the past couple of months on my camera, so I can start sorting them out now 🙂

Let’s start with an easy-to-prepare goat cheese & beetroot salad recipe from a sunny lunch at the Finnish Archipelago a few weeks back. You could serve this hot or cold, it’s not crucial to have all the ingredients either, feel free to improvise – that’s all part of the relaxed holiday cooking, right?


For 2:

1-2 pre-cooked beetroots, cut into thick slices.

piece of goat cheese cut into 6 generous slices

two slices of dark bread (we had a traditional archipelago bread, but use a bread you like and toast it before constructing the salad if you prefer)

1 scallion washed & sliced

pine nuts (optional: toast them in advance on a pan)

liquid honey

fresh thyme


Drizzle some honey over the bread and place a slice on both plates. Start building the salad, alternating between the beetroot and the goat cheese, placing some fresh thyme between the layers. Sprinkle the scallions and pine nuts around the salad and finish by adding some honey on top.


Enjoy with a glass of wine or homemade ice tea in good company.


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