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supergreen summer smoothie

I decided to start the day by throwing a variety of greens and fruits into the blender to create a super-duper creamy green smoothie. It worked out so well that I needed to share the recipe. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the ingredients, you can experiment with nettle, celery, Chinese cabbage, frozen spinach… If you like your smoothies sweet, try adding some pineapple, apple or honey.


Here we go (for two):

a generous handful of sliced cucumber

1-2 leaves of kale

handful of baby spinach

juice of half grapefruit

1 kiwi (don’t use the skin)

1-2 crispy salad leaves

half an avocado

piece of ginger, chopped

a few fresh spruce sprouts (if available)

1,5 dl oat milk (or almond/rise/soy)

Throw everything into a blender, work it until smooth, pour into glasses & sprinkle with coconut flakes.



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