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6 years of 3Rooms+Kitchen

Thank you WordPress for reminding me, it’s been 6 years of 3Rooms+Kitchen today!

6 years ago I had just moved into my apartment on Rue Alfred Cluysenaar in Brussels. Since then it’s been 3 apartments and 3 countries, active and less active times with the blog. Life has been about searching: for my place, my professional calling, my passion. Maybe there is someone out there who has had the patience to follow me from the very beginning?!

During these 6 years the changes in my life, my values and my interests are apparent. From busy and active city life to a more quiet, calm life in the countryside. The Dior pumps have changed into rubber boots, the brunches in busy cafes into gluten-free homemade breakfast enjoyed at our own rustic kitchen table.

I got married. I left my job at the office, I took risks, I dreamed big. I struggled, I cried but I always somehow made it through, and grew. I’m still growing, and my life is looking more and more like me. I love teaching yoga, I love cooking plant based food for groups and retreats, I love sharing my lifestyle with the others who live in this community. I have a new family around me.

Now I’m sitting at the kitchen table, snow is dancing outside in the dimming light of the afternoon. Life is in constant movement, like the dance of the snow. There is always a flow, there is always beauty, there is always growth, and there are always new adventures about to unravel.

In 2017 3Rooms+Kitchen will be all about good food, sustainability, DIY, aesthetics, nature, travels and creativity. I hope you’ll accompany me on this journey.




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Welcome to 3Rooms+Kitchen! Good Food and Sustainable Living. Dreams and Beauty. Inspiration and Creation. Stories from Home and Away. Wonders of Everyday Life.

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