Year: 2018

Sunday breakfast outside

These autumn days have been fresh, yet warm and sunny. Sunday morning called for a breakfast outside on the beach. After packing half of the kitchen with us, we jumped on our bikes and found a calm spot by the lake. We set the table and started to prepare coffee on a camping stove. Coffee was followed by beans, scrambled eggs and some fried chantarelle mushrooms that caught our eye on our way to the beach. In the meanwhile, the homemade croissants and blueberry pie defrosted in the sun.   The glimmering lake, the sound of waves hitting the sand and migrating birds gathering somewhere in the distance, the smell of coffee in the fresh morning air and the warmth of the sun on the skin were a pure joy for the senses. Long live Sunday mornings!    

Grandma’s blueberry pie

My most vivid memories of my grandmother Eila revolve around the coffee table, which was never short of sweet and savory homemade delicacies. Around Christmas I stuffed myself with her ginger bread cookies, then there was the early summer rhubarb pie, apple pies and blueberry pies in the autumn and of course cinnamon buns all year round. One of my all time favourites was the dark, juicy blueberry pie baked with a thick cardamon bread dough. A blueberry pie is often made with quark and a crumb base, but for me this almost black and doughy pie is the only real thing. After several pieces of pie and many warm hugs, our car would pull out from grandma’s drive way. Eila would stand at her front door and wave at me until our car disappeared around the corner. I would wave back and smile with my purple teeth. As the blueberry season is here again, let’s get baking! This version is gluten-free. Grandma’s blueberry pie This recipe makes one oven tray worth of deliciousness. I used …

The perfect Red Lips, naturally!

In search of the perfect red lipstick, I’ve tried many brands and many shades over the years. Often they have been just a bit too pink or too orange. When I heard about this new comer on the organic cosmetics market, I was eager to give it a try! When HAVU Cosmetics, a small Finnish company started by just 19-year old student of chemistry and biotechnology Lumi Maunuvaara, opened their online store on the 7th of August 2018 offering lipstick in three shades, everything was sold out within hours. Ever since the product was introduced at the Habitare-fair in Helsinki last autumn, it’s launch was internationally anticipated. Still, on their instagram account the team behind Havu said that the reception of their online store took them by surprise and they promised to manufacture more products as soon as possible. I was just fast enough to sneak one lipstick in RED into my shopping basket and check out before the virtual shelves were screaming emptiness. A few days later I heard the postman struggling to push …