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Sunday breakfast outside

These autumn days have been fresh, yet warm and sunny. Sunday morning called for a breakfast outside on the beach.

aamiainen 3

After packing half of the kitchen with us, we jumped on our bikes and found a calm spot by the lake. We set the table and started to prepare coffee on a camping stove. Coffee was followed by beans, scrambled eggs and some fried chantarelle mushrooms that caught our eye on our way to the beach. In the meanwhile, the homemade croissants and blueberry pie defrosted in the sun.

aamiainen 8


aamiainen 2

The glimmering lake, the sound of waves hitting the sand and migrating birds gathering somewhere in the distance, the smell of coffee in the fresh morning air and the warmth of the sun on the skin were a pure joy for the senses.

aamiainen 4

Long live Sunday mornings!

aamiainen 5

aamiainen 7

aamiainen 1

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