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the winter wardrobe

Lately I’ve been browsing through magazines and blogs, done a lot of window shopping and people watching for inspiration as I’m trying to imagine the perfect winter wardrobe. It’s time to dig out all the cashmere sweaters and woolen coats from the back of the closet, sort items for dry cleaning and start making sketches of new items to sew. Welcome the cold days in style!

car-free sunday 22.09.

Get ready for a day out town tomorrow as Brussels will turn into a car-free zone for the day! The city will be filled with interesting events, so take a look HERE for more information and put on your good walking shoes or make sure your bike is ready to go. As a Villo! user myself, I’m expecting some serious competition at the bike stations tomorrow, so better get up early.


The 10th edition of Feeërieën festival by AB Brussels has been filling the Park Royal (Warandepark) with music throughout the week, and we still have two more nights left to enjoy! While the poetic autumn feeling is starting to sneak in, the evenings are still warm; So it’s the perfect time to step out into the late August evening, put on your favorite jumper and join the night cocoons under the trees. Click on the logo below for the programme and for more information. At Feeërieën, AB has joined forces with ONE, a grassroots organization that fights extreme poverty and raises awareness of small and effective policies that help people in developing countries to receive education and build a better future. Within ONE’s global Protest to Progress campaign, AB and ONE organised a protest song contest. While personally I prefer not to “fight against” anything, I’m totally behind the idea of everyone’s right to education, clean water, healthcare and fair income from their work, so I’ll stop by at their stand too.   I found some …

I am a woman

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day, a day when female colleagues send funny chain emails to one another and men buy roses to their beautiful ladies. But this day also gives us an opportunity to look deeper into our society and gender equality. While here in Europe gender equality has come a long way, there is still plenty of room for positive change here, as everywhere on the planet. I want a world where women get paid the same as their male colleagues when they are doing the same job, where women have the right to make decisions concerning their own body, a world where women can walk on any street in a summer dress without feeling afraid, where two women in love can marry each other, a world where women are treated with respect from the moment they are born till the day they die. “We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies …

the new golf?

Fifteen years ago knitted sock, mittens and sweaters were typical Christmas presents from grandmothers. Today knitting seems to be a cool hobby for anyone of any age, or gender. You start with a simple scarf, work your way up to hats and socks, and soon you’re mastering the art of sweater-making. Then you become a knit activist and start decorating statues and traffic signs in the dark night hours with other knitwits. And finally you find your idea of a luxury holiday to be a knitting break in the countryside. How did this happen? In her article in the Irish Times Magazine Róisin Ingle writes about hotels in the US offering knitting workshops of growing popularity – also among men! Some of the reasons why I love to knit is that it’s a very practical way to channel my creative energy. It offers a chance to DO something instead of just buying or consuming. It offers moments of success and teaches patience. It requires time, which in the middle of a busy working week is …

oh my, oh my

It’s been a long time since I was at a wedding and I’d almost forgotten that at the end of the day -me too- I’m just a girl. With a girl’s problems like: Omg this dress makes me look fat and this homemade hat creation looks like a disaster. Well, anyway… I know it’ll be just fine and there really are other things to occupy my mind with than colour-matches and slimming underwear, but I just had to let it out!