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Day 1: Copenhagen

Sorry for the silence, I have been technology-free, not by choice, as my computer drew it’s last breath about a month ago. But here we are now, on the road and I’ll keep the travel stories coming while waiting to settle down again in our apartment with a new laptop and an ocean of new memories. So, we packed our bags, left our house-sitter with a list of instructions and set off on a Scandinavian adventure. As we walked from Copenhagen central station, my mind was still buzzing after a day at the office back in Brussels and my body felt tired under the weight of my well-stocked rucksack. The extremely cozy and organic Carlton Guldsmeden Hotel felt like a haven as we stepped into the green courtyard from the busy Vesterbrogade. The only setback was when we heard that breakfast wasn’t included in the room like I had thought, but Oh Well, there seem to be plenty of places to eat around. After a quick freshen-up in our comfy room we popped out for …

hills of Howth

You don’t have to look far to find another perfect Sunday walk. Howth is easily accessible with the Dart from Connolly Station and in just 25 minutes you’ll find yourself breathing in the fresh sea air surrounded by an amazing landscape. There are four walking tracks to choose from; varying in length and degree of difficulty. All paths start east of the small town of Howth and follow the cliffs along the peninsula. In additions to the breathtaking views from the cliffs, you’ll walk past some impressive gardens, lighthouses and maybe some brave September swimmers. Up on the windy hills the city seems a thousand miles away.

from the phone

I still have some stories from Croatia to tell. Let’s start with pictures from a phone. I just loved the fact that you could fill your water bottle pretty much everywhere, even the fountains force out clear drinking water. Among the neon-coloured bikinis full of ruffles and glitter I found the perfect pair for a Finnish Girl! I was planning to try out water skiing just for the occasion, but went kayaking instead