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This passage from Simon Hartley’s book Could I Do That? Really hits home on these dark mornings when my alarm goes off for an early morning practice. In it Hartley talks about his own challenge: “There is an interesting little conversation that goes on between my ears when the alarm clock goes off. It’s 5.15 am on a cold and dark December morning. My training schedule says ‘cycling’, which means an hour in the garage on the turbo trainer. I don’t know about your garage, but mine isn’t the most luxurious place on a wet, cold, dark winter’s morning. There is a temptation when that alarm clock goes off to hit the snooze button, or to switch it off or throw it across the room. As I hear the beeps, my brain starts to ask annoying questions. ‘Do I really need to get up? Could I do this later in the day? Is this session vital? If I decided to stay in bed, would it really make all that much difference?’ It is in these …

a new week

I think I can state with confidence that a lot of people said this morning how much they “hate Mondays”. OK, most of us need to get back to work, most of us feel that we are not working in our dream job, the lazy mornings and days are over for a full five days before we can again close the PC, clock out and shout from the bottom of our lungs: “It’s Friday!” (at least mentally if not out loud). Especially if we stayed up till early morning hours in the weekend, it might be difficult to get back into the routine again. This morning I forced myself out of bed at 6am. I did my yoga and right now I’m writing this and having breakfast. I’m lucky that I can start working anywhere between 7 and 10am and this allows me to have plenty of time for myself in the morning: Exercise, take a shower, beauty ritual, nice breakfast and some surfing on the internet. Wouldn’t it be great if we could enjoy …

Happy Women’s Day

Why I Greet A Woman I greet woman For beauty In body and in soul I know her heart Is pure I know love Flows out from within a woman I love woman A woman takes Optimistic view of life I know A woman’s motto is To love and be loved I greet woman Woman is capable Woman can cook meals Woman can decorate The home in style Woman can teach her kids Woman never feels tired I greet woman Woman is strong and fit Physically and within Woman has confidence Woman takes own decisions And knows better What is right for her Woman has a mind of her own I greet woman Woman is intelligent Woman can used her intelligence To take the world forward I greet woman Woman is reliable Woman has a sense of humor Woman can tackle tricky situation See woman twinkle in her eyes See woman curling up mouth In a smile I greet woman I salute woman Really it is said Woman is Godsend Woman is a best friend …

Dec 21: Winter Solstice

This morning I woke up a good two hours later than usual and it was still dark outside. However once I got myself to get out of bed and had a cup of coffee, the day turned out really bright. The good news started with my boyfriend becoming a proud uncle, making myself feel a bit aunt-ish too 🙂 After that we got a lot of Christmas shopping done, founds some real gems at the local flea market, run into a friend and discovered an amazing little store (I’ll go an do an interview later, as I really want to share it with you!) The rest of the day was dedicated for relaxing, watching a movie, drinking tea and enjoying the candle light. I also reminded myself of the importance of taking time for myself; during the next week I plan to make plenty of time for yoga and walks in nature. It’s a good moment to reflect a bit and prepare to embrace the new year and the longer, lighter days.  

french girl

I was introduced to Nina Franco‘s work at the Arts Market on Exchange St. Upper in Temple Bar one Saturday a few weeks back and I ended up buying one of her prints titled “French Girl”. The Brazilian artist describes herself as photographer, feminist and anarchist. I’ll make sure to go and  visit her latest exhibition “Leave Me Shout” which is opening tonight at the Avenue Road Gallery (Dublin 8).French Girl – on our bedroom wall