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DIY yoga mat wash

Here is a recipe for a simple yoga mat wash for daily use. Using naturally antibacterial essential oils ensures that your mat keeps fresh & clean for your practice. You’ll need: 500-750ml spray bottle 450ml Spring water 50ml white vinegar 10 drops lemon essential oil 10 drops Tea Tree essential oil 5 drops peppermint essential oil You can also use other essential oils like lavender or rosemary. Add all ingredients to your spray bottle and shake. Spray your yoga mat wash generously onto your mat, wipe with a damp cloth and let dry before you jump on your mat. Enjoy!

6 years of 3Rooms+Kitchen

Thank you WordPress for reminding me, it’s been 6 years of 3Rooms+Kitchen today! 6 years ago I had just moved into my apartment on Rue Alfred Cluysenaar in Brussels. Since then it’s been 3 apartments and 3 countries, active and less active times with the blog. Life has been about searching: for my place, my professional calling, my passion. Maybe there is someone out there who has had the patience to follow me from the very beginning?! During these 6 years the changes in my life, my values and my interests are apparent. From busy and active city life to a more quiet, calm life in the countryside. The Dior pumps have changed into rubber boots, the brunches in busy cafes into gluten-free homemade breakfast enjoyed at our own rustic kitchen table. I got married. I left my job at the office, I took risks, I dreamed big. I struggled, I cried but I always somehow made it through, and grew. I’m still growing, and my life is looking more and more like me. I …

christmas meal for 2

This year we decided to stay home for Christmas, just the two of us. 2016 has been a busy year full of challenges and changes and it felt good to take some time to relax, enjoy good food, read and discuss and play some board games. I made a vegetarian version of the traditional Karelian hot pot using pulled oats and gluten/free ginger bread adapting my grandmother’s recipe, a childhood favourite. We were lucky to have some snow for the weekend and we took our boots out for a walk in the forest.  Wishing everyone peaceful and heartwarming holidays ❤

interior inspiration for the autumn

In July I visited a housing fair for the first time in my life. As building or renovating our own dream house isn’t something for the immediate future, it was mostly interior inspiration I was looking for. I was also very interested in the ecological and sustainable wood building projects at the Seinäjoki housing fair. There was something for all tastes: From the minimalist wood cabins to mansions that looked like they were extracted straight from a scene in the Bold and the Beautiful. Here are my favourites, prepare yourself for loads of pictures! My absolute favourite at the fair was a modern ecological wood house “Kotola” which we almost missed because of its location just off the main path ways of the fair grounds. I fell in love with the house designed by architect Tapani Takkunen, the interior design and ceramics by Eeva Takkunen and Tuija Koponen. The house had an updated soul of a wooden house. I could’ve moved in right there and then! My other favourites included Moroccan influences, wild house plants, painted tiles …


Lately I’ve been running through life like a headless chicken: Planning, working, organizing, traveling, worrying, stressing. It’s been hard to keep track of days and weeks and where I’ve promised to be each hour. Yesterday, as I was pulling my hair writing an assignment I decided to be bold and take a break. So I jumped into my jogging pants, rolled out my mat and I did some yoga, I sang my mantra and breathed. Suddenly, things seemed to fall back into perspective. What was all this running and planning and stressing about? I laughed at myself a bit, you know, the kind type of laughter. Sometimes stopping is the best way forward.

now, wait a minute!

I recall times when I could stand at a bus stop watching the cars drive by and clap my hands together to stay warm. I was able to queue in line at the cheese counter pondering my choices between the Parmesans, Manchegos and Goudas peeking out between the shoulders in front of me. I could survive my friend popping into the ladies room between the main course and dessert by sipping my wine and observing my fellow diners and the waiters at work. I was even able to pass a couple of hours on a train by simply staring out the window to the changing landscape, imagining how it would be to live in those towns or walk those roads or sit by the fire in one of those cottages by the lake. And then I got a smartphone, with internet, and waiting became unbearable. The first thing I do when I’m left alone with nothing obvious to do is to take out my phone and start browsing Facebook, the news, blogs, you name it. And I’ve noticed …

friday flower

Happy Weekend Everyone! I’m doing some renovations at 3Rooms + Kitchen, so sorry in advance for any disturbance; Plaster dust, noise, and I can’t seem to hang the paintings right with this new theme. But we’ll get there and hopefully the newly renovated & decorated blog will look better than ever, fingers crossed 🙂

Say Hello to the Sun and to Feeling Great!

Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) is a perfect warm-up at the beginning of a yoga practice, but it’s a workout on its own too and can be a great way to start the day when you have limited time for exercise. Sun Salutation increases circulation, brings flexibility to the spine and works on the whole body energizing and increasing concentration & focus. It is the perfect little ritual to meet the new morning with gratitude and set the energy and mood for the next activities of your day. Like with all yoga postures, allow at least 2-3 hours after a meal (sun salutations are a great way to start the day before breakfast).  Move with your breath, breathing through the nose. Inhale on the lengthening poses and exhale as your body folds. You can start by practicing each pose individually, staying longer in them to find the perfect alignment and then move on to practicing the whole sequence, allowing your body to flow smoothly from one asana to the other. You can start by doing 3 …