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Up Store – when second hand turns into design @ Les Petits Riens

Yesterday I was Christmas shopping and decided to pop by at Les Petits Riens on Rue Americaine. To my surprise I found signs pointing Up right next to the entrance to what looked like a designer pop-up store. Walking up the beautiful wooden staircase I saw portraits of participating designers; both well-established creators as well as up-and-coming talents. My curiosity grew and as I entered the spacious and atmospheric apartment turned into sustainable design heaven I could only admire the people who came up with this great idea! Up Store offers furniture, home decor, lightning, clothes and toys; all re-worked from recycled materials into contemporary design objects. Equipped only with my smartphone I took a few snapshots of the store, which is open until the 23rd of December and absolutely worth a visit!

benefits of himalayan salt lamps

Improves Air-Quality Reduces allergens Boosts good mood and immunity Increases general well-being and mental clarity Has a relaxing effect Can help reduce symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder Improves sleep How does it work? Himalayan Salt Lamps act as natural negative ionizers. Negative ions are created in nature by moving water (rain, waterfalls, tide and waves on a beach), thunderstorms as well as sunlight. That is why the air feels so fresh and easy to breathe after a rain shower or on a beach. As the in-built light bulb gently heats the salt stone it starts to become humid. It will produce negative ions to the surrounding air improving overall air-quality and neutralizing positively charged ions created by electronic appliances, bacteria and allergens. Himalayan salt lamps have a soothing, relaxing effect; Partly because they charge the air around them with negative ions, partly because of the beautiful, warm light that they create. You can read more about the science and benefits behind negative ions for example HERE Himalayan salt lamps are available in health stores, just …


I’m not a big Eurovision fanatic, don’t worry. But I absolutely fell in love with the Netherlands entry “Calm After the Storm” by The Common Linnets. When looking for some more songs from this band on Spotify I found out that the band was actually put together for one show and for the Eurovision. I hope they would stick together and create some more beauty, like like!

chinese teapots and vintage treasures

I found these pictures today and as I find winter to be a kind of nest building season -perhaps with more hours spent at home-, I thought it would be a good moment for some interior inspiration. So, here we are: Inside a beautiful Brussels apartment surrounded by vintage furniture and souvenirs from Asia. It’s been a while since my friend moved away from this apartment, so I’ll make sure to visit her new inspiring home as well.

winter sun

It’s absolutely fantastic to have a walk in the forest or by the water when the air is fresh and the pale winter sun is shining over a landscape covered in a delicate layer of frost. Hear the leaves rimmed with frost rustle under your feet, feel your lungs fill up with fresh cold air and just for a moment: forget about everything else.

treasure map of wellbeing

What is your well-being made of? This is a good question to ask at the beginning of a new year when most of us are motivated to improve our life by becoming more healthy, starting a new exercise regime or making resolutions about quitting smoking or seeing friends more. I personally believe in holistic well-being where the body, mind and soul are in harmony and all contribute to the person’s health and feel-good state. As I want this year to be a year of well-being and personal growth, I made the above “treasure map” to study what are the things that contribute to my well-being. This is a great exercise to find out in which areas we’re lacking the balance and it can give us practical tools to build our holistic well-being. Once we have a clear vision of our well-being, we just need to put the wheels in motion and start implementing little changes in our lives. Sometimes a great deal of self-discipline is required in this process (like when the alarm goes off …


After the heavy reds and dark greens of Christmas I wanted to get a boost of lightness and romance to embrace the winter light of early January. Un Lien Sans Egal on Chaussee de Waterloo had exactly what I was looking for and I’m sure I will return to this beautiful store again.

thank you santa

Christmas 2013 is behind us and we’re standing at the door step of the New Year. Even if Christmas is a holiday for spending time with the people you love and calming down after the busy month of December, I dare to say that New Year is in a way a more spiritual event. While Christmas has an undeniable material dimension to it with the gifts and the feasting, New Year is a time to really reflect who we are and where we want to be. Some people make resolutions, others more quiet plans of a better, healthier life or hopes of finding love and luck, success and prosperity. Even if the New Year’s night is practically nothing more than a night between a Tuesday and a Wednesday, we somehow feel that when that new morning comes – Anything is possible. So just before popping the champagne, I wanted to share some pictures of the beautiful items I got for Christmas. Oakley sunglasses will serve me perfectly at the ski slopes of Lapland in the …