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Schaerbeek Apéro

Last Friday the “Apéros du Parc Josaphat” was still inhabiting it’s winter home at the abandoned tram depot in Schaerbeek (Rue Rubens 95) and we got to enjoy a glass of wine & some vegetarian tapas in the beautiful industrial setting. Music was good, the open wood fire was crackling and people were smiling; All in all a nice way to start the weekend. I’m not completely sure when the Apéro will move outdoors for the summer season, but you can check out their Facebook page before heading towards Schaerbeek.

The sunny side of sushi

Makisu on Rue du Bailli promises the best sushi recipes without breaking your budget and that’s absolutely what you get and a bit of fun too making up your own recipes in the colourful little restaurant! I had walked past this place about a thousand times without ever feeling like having sushi. But after enjoying an absolutely gorgeous lunch there I can’t wait to go back for more. They’re right, it’s Addictive. Our all vegetarian sushi lunch


Outside and Inside. I love this time of year. Happy Monday everyone! Outside the trees are blooming Inside my tomatoes are growing beautifully. (Remember my promise to add tomatoes to my balcony garden? And by the way all the herbs except for Basil survived the winter, especially Rosemary is doing were well for herself 🙂 )

chinese teapots and vintage treasures

I found these pictures today and as I find winter to be a kind of nest building season -perhaps with more hours spent at home-, I thought it would be a good moment for some interior inspiration. So, here we are: Inside a beautiful Brussels apartment surrounded by vintage furniture and souvenirs from Asia. It’s been a while since my friend moved away from this apartment, so I’ll make sure to visit her new inspiring home as well.

winter sun

It’s absolutely fantastic to have a walk in the forest or by the water when the air is fresh and the pale winter sun is shining over a landscape covered in a delicate layer of frost. Hear the leaves rimmed with frost rustle under your feet, feel your lungs fill up with fresh cold air and just for a moment: forget about everything else.

Dec 22: Sunday walk

Oops, one day late! And I was already so proud of myself for keeping the Christmas calendar alive every day. Yesterday we went shopping for ingredients for the delicious Christmas dishes at Ateliers des Tanneurs – the best bio market in the city – just behind Place Jeu de Balle and of course when taking a stroll through this interesting neighborhood and the open air second hand market you need to take your time to enjoy the atmosphere. Thanks An for the pictures!