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ice cream

Today was a beautiful day and unlike the usual “Looks warm – Is cold” weather, it actually was warm enough to leave the jacket home! This needed to be celebrated with some ice cream. We went to Murphy’s and it was good.

Thu night

For me Thursday night was like Friday night as I had Good Friday off. So we decided to fight the cold and go into town for some cocktails and good food. Our first stop was 37 Dawson Street, which is one of my favourite spots in the city. It was crowded as usual, but we managed to get a seat and some cocktails. There is no cocktail menu as such, but the skilled barmen will create custom-made cocktails according to your wishes. If you ask me, this together with the signature style aesthetics of the place make it without a doubt the best cocktail bar in Dublin.

Quay 14

The Morrison Hotel on Ormond Quay was closed for a few months for renovation and has recently opened again with a new look. On Saturday night we stopped at the downstairs bar Quay 14 for a drink to check it out. The atmosphere was welcoming and relaxed, the music perfectly pitched to have a chat or just to enjoy the ambiance and there was a touch of modern Scandinavian simplicity in the interior decoration that I liked. All and all a really nice place to have a drink, I might even come back for dinner one of these days.

the elephant

As winter still holds Dublin in its grasp, there is no better time than this to find a warm cosy café and have a nice cup of tea or a hot chocolate. Foam on 24 Strand Street Great, just off Jervis Street and the Italian Quarter is worth seeing as its crazy interior is guaranteed to shake that gray-day-grumpiness off anyone! Spread over two floors the café offers an impressive menu including pizzas, salads, tapas, omelettes, pastas and soups to choose from; not to forget the many delicious cakes that attract passers-by at the window.  My white tea was served in a beautiful elephant tea pot and I think if an elephant would actually stand in the middle of the room, no one would give it a second look as it would blend in the lovely chaos so perfectly.

my first scone

Irish people love their scones, but it took me almost a year to try one. It’s not that I wasn’t looking at these delicious sweet buns at the markets or on the brunch menus countless of times, but there was almost like a divine intervention preventing me from having one. Either I was full from lunch or the café in question was sold out. Anyway, finally the time had come for that perfect scone moment I had been waiting for and I got the whole deal with cream, butter and jam. Yes, it was Delicious! And for moments like this, the Lost Society at Powerscourt has the perfect little terrace overlooking the bustle of the atmospheric atrium.