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Practicing the art of Hygge

Now already writing this from the other side of the Øresund bridge, we can look back at a relaxing Monday in Copenhagen. It was a day full of moments qualifying as “Hygge”, an essential part of Danish life, meaning spontaneously enjoying the good life with loved ones. We walked and walked, enjoyed delicious smørrebrøds at Torvehallerne, had an invigorating double espresso at Coffee Collective, strolled through the stunning Botanical Gardens, visited the grave of the great storyteller H.C. Andersen and paid homage at the statue to his most famous creation.

Sunday excitement at Tivoli Gardens

No matter how old you are Tivoli Gardens is sure to bring out the child within you. Today we laughed, screamed from the bottom of our lungs and shouted from the top of our voices as we hurled through the air on the many magical theme park rides. Tivoli Gardens is a fantastic universe with a distinct old world feel down to the last detail. Walking along the narrow streets of the China Town felt like we were characters in the movie Spirited Away, just waiting for the dragons and demons come to life as the lanterns would light up. Aside from the exciting & terrifying rides, Tivoli offers plenty of choices for eating out as well as concerts, theatre, aquarium and plenty of beautiful outdoor spaces to relax and recuperate. After an action-packed day we found a calm evening falling by the water’s edge as we strolled through beautiful avenues and quiet streets to the restaurant Höst, which deserves all the praise it has acquired for it’s stunning rustic design and affordable organic gourmet cuisine. We …

hotdogs & hippies

After a delicious organic breakfast at our hotel we stepped out into the less than perfect Copenhagen summer with an umbrella and a flask of jasmin green tea and set forth in search of hotdogs & hippies. Our walk took us through the high streets, canals and bridges of the old town all the way the free-city of Christiania. After passing through the drug centered promenade we found ourselves surrounded by creative residents fixing their boats, working on their gardens or simply chilling out in the quiet surroundings of this creative community. I laid out my mat by the lake and took a few moments to savour the unique atmosphere provided by the picturesque surroundings and the fresh rain-cleansed air before I began my familiar practice. Christiania has many small cafes and eateries to explore and we found a perfect afternoon pick-me up at Morgenstedet.                                     The whole community is overgrown, with nature allowed to run free much …

Day 1: Copenhagen

Sorry for the silence, I have been technology-free, not by choice, as my computer drew it’s last breath about a month ago. But here we are now, on the road and I’ll keep the travel stories coming while waiting to settle down again in our apartment with a new laptop and an ocean of new memories. So, we packed our bags, left our house-sitter with a list of instructions and set off on a Scandinavian adventure. As we walked from Copenhagen central station, my mind was still buzzing after a day at the office back in Brussels and my body felt tired under the weight of my well-stocked rucksack. The extremely cozy and organic Carlton Guldsmeden Hotel felt like a haven as we stepped into the green courtyard from the busy Vesterbrogade. The only setback was when we heard that breakfast wasn’t included in the room like I had thought, but Oh Well, there seem to be plenty of places to eat around. After a quick freshen-up in our comfy room we popped out for …

Schaerbeek Apéro

Last Friday the “Apéros du Parc Josaphat” was still inhabiting it’s winter home at the abandoned tram depot in Schaerbeek (Rue Rubens 95) and we got to enjoy a glass of wine & some vegetarian tapas in the beautiful industrial setting. Music was good, the open wood fire was crackling and people were smiling; All in all a nice way to start the weekend. I’m not completely sure when the Apéro will move outdoors for the summer season, but you can check out their Facebook page before heading towards Schaerbeek.