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Thu night

For me Thursday night was like Friday night as I had Good Friday off. So we decided to fight the cold and go into town for some cocktails and good food. Our first stop was 37 Dawson Street, which is one of my favourite spots in the city. It was crowded as usual, but we managed to get a seat and some cocktails. There is no cocktail menu as such, but the skilled barmen will create custom-made cocktails according to your wishes. If you ask me, this together with the signature style aesthetics of the place make it without a doubt the best cocktail bar in Dublin.

nr 37

A big light bulb sign and colorful sofas behind what must be one of the most impressive windows in town attract passers-by to step into this club of bizarre beings at 37 Dawson Street. Cocktails and finger food are served under the eyes of lurking beasts and your fellow guests reflecting from the many mirrors that decorate the walls together with painted plates and old educational posters of human anatomy. If a unicorn would have walked through one of the tall rooms of this enchanting café, that would have seemed just… normal.