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life with less plastic: Shampoo & Soap

I thought I had been conscious about using plastic for years: I avoided taking plastic bags in shops and favoured natural materials when choosing clothes and home decoration items. But some months ago there was a big turning point for me. One evening, after I’d cleaned my face, my favourite moisturizer ran out. I had seen this coming and had a new pump bottle ready in the bathroom cabinet. As I threw the empty bottle into the trash bin it made a sound as it hit the empty metal basket. With the new bottle of moisturizer in hand, it hit me: That old bottle will never go away. It will never biodegrade, and even if it will be out of my sight when the truck comes to pick up the trash next week, it will never disappear. It will be one more piece of plastic waste and contribute to the ever-growing dumps or floating plastic masses in the oceans. It was a realization I couldn’t ignore and I decided to do more to reduce my contribution to …

Home and closet visit

Thank you Marina from La Petite Nina for the beautiful feature on your website. I actually realised that I haven’t taken so many pictures of my home myself; so take a look HERE. At the same time I’m happy and terrified as Marina captured our house on a normal day with some stuff there and a mess there; So don’t expect composed home magazine material but real life. P.S. I don’t know why I always look so serious in pictures, we did have loads of fun! 😉

home spa

On Friday I spent a wonderfully relaxing evening with a friend at Waer Waters. However it’s not always necessary to leave the house for a pampering spa experience. All it takes is some quiet time, a few candles and relaxation music to set the spa mood into your own bathroom. And if you don’t have a bath tub at home, make yourself a warm foot bath, put on a face mask, sit down with a cup of herbal tea and a good book, or just close your eyes and relax. I love decorating the bathroom with natural objects that remind me of the sea: drift wood, sea shells and stones all have their own story to tell.

home alone

Some might think that I’m the most boring person on earth, but I have to admit that after an eventful and energy consuming week like last week I sometimes just enjoy spending Friday night home alone: Lighting some candles, opening a bottle of wine, cooking something delicious and taking a long bath.