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kind of blue

I’ve noticed that many of my favourite things at the moment are blue. Cashmere has definitely been my favourite material this autumn. I can almost say that I take off my Tiffany&Co glasses only when I sleep. Blueberries are an important part of my morning porridge ritual and I won’t go to bed without a few drops of the Kiehl’s Midnight recovery concentrate. Thierry Mugler’s Angel has been my perfume for a good ten years now and I wouldn’t change it for the world. M&S Calming infusion tea is perfect for those evenings when you can sit down and read Richard Bach’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull. My Make-up travels safe in the lovely Schneiders felt pouch.  And of course, in a few days I’ll go and see Skyfall.  

Last night

Last night I couldn’t find you in the forest. It was misty and I’d forgotten my compass under my night table. The trees were whispering in their sleep and I tried to walk gently on their winding roots. There were strange boats by the lake and voices of creatures from faraway lands echoed across the water; songs in languages unknown to me, and laughter. As the rain begun to drop on the leaves above me, I wished your bed was dry and warm and through your dream you’d hear this song. On my way I found blueberries and carried them home in the hem of my dress, so that tomorrow we could kiss with sweet purple lips.