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This passage from Simon Hartley’s book Could I Do That? Really hits home on these dark mornings when my alarm goes off for an early morning practice. In it Hartley talks about his own challenge: “There is an interesting little conversation that goes on between my ears when the alarm clock goes off. It’s 5.15 am on a cold and dark December morning. My training schedule says ‘cycling’, which means an hour in the garage on the turbo trainer. I don’t know about your garage, but mine isn’t the most luxurious place on a wet, cold, dark winter’s morning. There is a temptation when that alarm clock goes off to hit the snooze button, or to switch it off or throw it across the room. As I hear the beeps, my brain starts to ask annoying questions. ‘Do I really need to get up? Could I do this later in the day? Is this session vital? If I decided to stay in bed, would it really make all that much difference?’ It is in these …

Dec 4: a good read

When the shopping streets are filling with bargain-hunters looking for affordable presents or that little black dress for the season’s parties, Elizabeth L. Cline’s Overdressed – The shockingly high cost of cheap fashion – would be a good read for anyone planning to hit the high street. While the writer reveals the truth behind cheap and mass produced clothes, she does it without judgement and even reveals her own weakness for disposable clothing. While expensive doesn’t necessarily equal sustainable, Over-Dressed gives us all something to think about; or at least leaves us with a little bit more information which is difficult to ignore.