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Nuit Blanche

Tonight Brussels will become a stage for various art installations and performances as the yearly contemporary arts festival Nuit Blanche will kick off just before sunset. Take a look at the full programme of the entirely free festival here, take a nap during the day and discover the city by night, in a totally new light.

sunday without cars in pictures

When we opened the door at 9:30am last Sunday and stepped out into the street the silence hit us like a giant wave. It was like the big machine of the city had stopped turning; that constant familiar humming was gone. A thick fog had wrapped itself around the buildings in the distance and just a few early risers were wandering the streets. For a moment it looked like it could’ve been the zombie apocalypse, but as the rest of the city woke up and the street started to fill with bikes, carefree steps, music, laughter and the smell of barbecue; It was obvious that the yearly car-free Sunday had arrived. That’s me riding away on my Villo! We were lucky as there were always bikes when we needed them. We had brunch at Le Pain Quotidien at Sablon And then walked up to the Parc Royal, where a Slow Food festival and a Bio Market was taking place. The countryside had really arrived to the city. We discovered Cerisette, a new alcohol-free drink made …