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kind of blue

I’ve noticed that many of my favourite things at the moment are blue. Cashmere has definitely been my favourite material this autumn. I can almost say that I take off my Tiffany&Co glasses only when I sleep. Blueberries are an important part of my morning porridge ritual and I won’t go to bed without a few drops of the Kiehl’s Midnight recovery concentrate. Thierry Mugler’s Angel has been my perfume for a good ten years now and I wouldn’t change it for the world. M&S Calming infusion tea is perfect for those evenings when you can sit down and read Richard Bach’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull. My Make-up travels safe in the lovely Schneiders felt pouch.  And of course, in a few days I’ll go and see Skyfall.  

feather light

This cashmere cardigan will be the perfect match for my red dress and I can’t wait to wear it at an Irish wedding this weekend. And when your boyfriend is the best man and you’ll be meeting most of the friends and family for the first time, you kind of want to look good and feel comfortable in your clothes.  So this little cardigan by Sian Jacobs is just what I need. It’s light as a feather, warm as a ray of sun and beautiful as a winter morning sky.

Sustainable fashion: Sian Jacobs

In my search for local Irish designers I visited Cow’s Lane Designer Studio  and among the colorful jewellery, metal sculptures and furniture made by local artists and designers I found one clothes rail that stood out. Sian Jacobs is a Dublin-based designer specialized in cashmere and silk creations. She works directly with small Nepalese suppliers that use sustainable AZO-free dyes and employ local skilled women offering them a fair income and normal working hours. Part of the profits even go to Foundation Nepal, which is an Irish registered charity that helps women in the Nepali communities to fight their way out of poverty. So, these silk and cashmere cardigans and tops don’t just look and feel luxurious but the sustainable values behind the creations add an extra appeal to them. I bought a T-shirt in light grey jersey with a pale rose silk back piece and I’m sure I’ll be back for one of those timeless & elegant cardigans in the near future. The sales assistant explained that this particular model was made in New York and would …