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raw brownies

These brownies have it all: The moist and chewy texture, the rich chocolate taste, they are easy to prepare and they are actually quite healthy too! The thing they require most is time, So what are we waiting for – here comes the recipe! 2,5 – 3dl cashew nuts 1,25 dl sunflower seeds 20-25 pitted dates 2-2.5 dl raw cacao powder 1/2 dl (or a bit more) virgin coconut oil and 1 table spoon almond oil 1/2 tea spoon sea salt or fleur de sel 1/2 tea spoon of finely chopped red chili or 1 table spoon coconut flakes for a little twist. First you’ll need to let the cashew nuts and sunflower seeds to soak; a minimum of 5h is required. measure the nuts and seeds in a bowl and cover with warm water. About 30min before the nuts and seeds are ready, soak the dates in warm water too. Mix the nuts and seeds into a paste using a blender bar. If you want your brownies to have a little crunch, don’t make a …


Every day we’re closer to Christmas and this evening we decided to make some gingerbread biscuits.  While making them was great fun, it was even better to sit down on the couch with a hot cup of homemade mulled wine and take the first bite.  

winter food

I don’t know about you, but I feel that when the season changes and the days get colder I need warmer, heavier food. Cabbage casserole is perfect for this season and I was lucky to have some Finnish lingonberries to go with it. For 4-6 people: 1,5dl brown rice, 4dl of water, 1/2 tea spoons of salt. 1 big onion, 1kg cabbage, 3dl of dark soy mince, black pepper, 1/2 tea spoons of marjoram, 1 table spoon of butter/oil, 1 table spoon rice syrup, 4dl vegetarian broth. Boil the rice with some salt until the water is absorbed in it. Let the soy mince puff up in some water and spice it according to your taste. Peel and chop the onion, cut the cabbage in small pieces. Fry the onion and soy mince, spice with pepper, marjoram and salt, put aside to a plate. Heat some oil or butter in a deep pan and add the cabbage. Let it cook until the cabbage becomes soft, season with the syrup. Mix the rice, soy and the …

pasta chanterelle

Back home in Finland pretty much everyone I know has their freezer full of mushrooms and berries by now. Bottles and jars filled with homemade juice and jam are being labelled on dark autumn nights. I was lucky to get a small share of this season’s magic flown over  in the suitcases of visitors. Chanterelle is a  wild mushroom with a meaty texture and golden orange colour. It’s fruity aroma which comes best out when cooked with butter and cream is much appreciated by culinary experts around Europe. In addition this beautiful, precious mushroom is rich in vitamins C and D. Here is a simple pasta recipe to try at home. Clean the mushrooms and cut the smaller. In a large saucepan cook the chanterelles until the water from them is gone. Add 2 table spoons of butter  and a chopped onion. Cook, stirring frequently for a few minutes. Add some cooking cream and just a little dry white wine. Let  simmer over low heat 8-10min while you cook the pasta. Season with salt and …

veggie burgers

I know I haven’t exactly been that domestic goddess lately, but with these working hours I’ve been living on Marks&Spencer take-away. But yesterday at the bio shop this veggie burger mix looked too good not to take home and give it a try. And the vegan burgers turned out heavenly, with not much effort at all! Served in a toasted wholewheat bun, the burgers are topped with green leaves, red onion, tomatoes, pickles, sesame seeds, mustard, ketchup and a tofu substitute for mozzarella cheese. I highly recommend to try this at home!

lunch at the laundrette

Since I’m busy packing, I have to make the most of every minute. I was trying to make a super fast pasta while my clothes were turning round and round in the machine at the laundrette. But once the pasta was cooked I had to run again to throw my laundry into the dryer. So, I ended up eating my lunch at the laundrette while listening to the humming of the machines. While I was eating my pasta from a lunch box, I remembered my favorite café in Saint Petersburg. At Stirka you could order drinks, delicious toasts and listen to live music while waiting for your laundry. I even ended up having a photo exhibition there. Those were the times… And for the pasta: Chop one onion and some garlic and fry them a bit in olive oil in a saucer. Add some dark soy mince (spiced with soy sauce, chili and paprika powder and salt. You should add some water to the soy mince 15min earlier, so it’s nice and ready to use). Then add …

home alone

Some might think that I’m the most boring person on earth, but I have to admit that after an eventful and energy consuming week like last week I sometimes just enjoy spending Friday night home alone: Lighting some candles, opening a bottle of wine, cooking something delicious and taking a long bath.

Mexican Fiesta

I love Mexican food; not in the least because it offers many delicious options for a vegetarian. Nachos, tacos, burritos and quesadillas are at their best when shared with friends or family. Hopefully my recent experiments will offer inspiration to your home kitchen too! Vegetarian tacos with dark soya mince, kidney beans, onion, paprika and taco sauce. Served with home made quacamole, grated cheese and fresh salad. Oven warm tortilla chips with grated mozzarella cheese, sour cream, salsa sauce and homemade quacamole. Some ideas for ingredients.

when something comes out of nothing

Coming home after a 10 hour working day I find my fridge looking like this: But with the help of some whole wheat spaghetti and soya mince I have in the cupboards, I’m able to start making a pasta veggie bolognese. I let the soya mince soak up some water and spices while I chop the tomatoes and let them boil for a while in a little bit of water and what’s left of a jar of Arabbiata sauce. I fry the onion and some garlic, add the soya mince to the pan, then add the tomato sauce, stir and let it brew until the pasta is ready. I add a few sun dried tomatoes, some Parmesan and black pepper on top; not bad actually.