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Dec 3: a little treat

Step out of the cold and get yourself a cup of hot chocolate, a cappuccino or a big cup of flavored tea. Café de la Presse on 493 Avenue Louise is a perfect place for this: It’s open from early morning till after-work hours every day, it has a cool warm interior with mix & match vintage furniture and an impressive selection of treats from cookies to cupcakes and cakes to brownies. The Café is also organising interesting events such as vintage fairs. Right now: The seasonal hot apple juice with ginger, cinnamon and honey or the cafe latte with Christmas spices sound tempting. I took this picture after closing time, normally it won’t be this easy to find a seat as the place is buzzing.  

monday sugar high

I’ve passed this Johnnie cupcakes stand a hundred times and I’ve always had the willpower to keep calm and carry on walking. But today the cupcakes won and after a long choosing process I walked away with a toffee&vanilla cupcake. Sadly, I didn’t get far until the next temptation hit and soon we found ourselves sitting at Starbucks with huge cups of Caramel Macchiatos in front of us. I really need to get back to work, these public holidays will be the end of me!