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interior inspiration for the autumn

In July I visited a housing fair for the first time in my life. As building or renovating our own dream house isn’t something for the immediate future, it was mostly interior inspiration I was looking for. I was also very interested in the ecological and sustainable wood building projects at the Seinäjoki housing fair. There was something for all tastes: From the minimalist wood cabins to mansions that looked like they were extracted straight from a scene in the Bold and the Beautiful. Here are my favourites, prepare yourself for loads of pictures! My absolute favourite at the fair was a modern ecological wood house “Kotola” which we almost missed because of its location just off the main path ways of the fair grounds. I fell in love with the house designed by architect Tapani Takkunen, the interior design and ceramics by Eeva Takkunen and Tuija Koponen. The house had an updated soul of a wooden house. I could’ve moved in right there and then! My other favourites included Moroccan influences, wild house plants, painted tiles …

Up Store – when second hand turns into design @ Les Petits Riens

Yesterday I was Christmas shopping and decided to pop by at Les Petits Riens on Rue Americaine. To my surprise I found signs pointing Up right next to the entrance to what looked like a designer pop-up store. Walking up the beautiful wooden staircase I saw portraits of participating designers; both well-established creators as well as up-and-coming talents. My curiosity grew and as I entered the spacious and atmospheric apartment turned into sustainable design heaven I could only admire the people who came up with this great idea! Up Store offers furniture, home decor, lightning, clothes and toys; all re-worked from recycled materials into contemporary design objects. Equipped only with my smartphone I took a few snapshots of the store, which is open until the 23rd of December and absolutely worth a visit!

tea and sympathy

It was a nice surprise when a recent house guest brought us the same mugs I remember looking at back in Ireland many months ago. Rob Ryan’s “This Same Moon” set of two mugs is cute and romantic and true to essence of the work of the British visual artist specializing in paper-cutting and screen-printing. You might have seen his colourful illustrations on the pages of Vogue magazine or Paul Smith clothes collection; just to name a couple of his many collaborations. For more beautiful items, visit the designer’s Etsy store here. Perfect for a rainy November evening tea moment.

design september

It’s here! – Just in time to save us from getting lost in the grey and rainy days. The city is full of exciting events, exhibitions, cinema, pop-up stores and restaurants, vintage fairs and lectures. I’m sure to share some of my discoveries in the upcoming days, but in the meantime take a look HERE.

jewellery hanger

I’m still trying to decide what to do with the branches I found on the beach, but I already found a place for one of them. I don’t have a big jewellery box where I could keep my necklaces neatly organized and it only took a very simple idea, one small piece of wood, some paper thread and about 3min of time to make this jewellery hanger. Now it’s easy to pick a necklace when leaving for work in the morning.


Starfish, Moon Rock, Filing Cabinet, Marmalade, Satsuma, Pumpkin, Space Hopper, Disco Trousers or Grape Juice – A dear child has many names, and no matter what you call them, these colors will help you wake up in the morning. I just love these cups from Pantone.

dreaming of

Alvar Aalto (1898 – 1976) is at the very top of the list of Finnish designer’s who’s work I admire the most. From furniture and textiles to glassware and architecture he created some of the timeless cornerstones of Finnish design. One of my personal favorites is the “Kultakello” (Bell) lamp  which was born in the late 1930’s when Aalto was working on the interior design for the Savoy restaurant in Helsinki together with his wife Aino. Today, the lamps can be bought at Artek in a few different colors and materials. I’d love a pair of the original golden ones for the livingroom. Pictures: Artek and

the coolest of cups

When I saw these little cups at the Designtorget store at Stockholm Arlanda airport, I just had to get a couple to take home with me. Dutch designer Rob Brandt has been making these crushed paper cup style ceramic cups since the mid 70’s and even if there are many imitations on the market, the original ones are still produced by Rob and his team in the Netherlands; and they are so delightfully affordable as well!

There is a new girl in town

And her name is Viona Blu; a new kind of player in the field of luxury bags and accessories and definitely worth watching. When Finnish designer Sirpa Kalliola introduced her creations for the first time to the public last Friday, the Classic Coffee at Tampella welcomed a curious crew who got a chance to enjoy ballet dancers presenting the collection while sipping on strawberry bubbles and macarons. Viona Blu is all about quality and craftsmanship, timeless elegance and funky colorful details. And when I know all the hard work Sirpa has put into her first collection, I cannot but say: Congratulations and All the success! Kuvat: Jari Nupponen Kuva: Anna ❤ You