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the winter wardrobe

Lately I’ve been browsing through magazines and blogs, done a lot of window shopping and people watching for inspiration as I’m trying to imagine the perfect winter wardrobe. It’s time to dig out all the cashmere sweaters and woolen coats from the back of the closet, sort items for dry cleaning and start making sketches of new items to sew. Welcome the cold days in style!

car-free sunday 22.09.

Get ready for a day out town tomorrow as Brussels will turn into a car-free zone for the day! The city will be filled with interesting events, so take a look HERE for more information and put on your good walking shoes or make sure your bike is ready to go. As a Villo! user myself, I’m expecting some serious competition at the bike stations tomorrow, so better get up early.

ghost ship

I used to have the habit of sketching little things in the corners of documents and scrap papers I found laying around. Today when I was looking for something else, I came across this tiny little piece of paper and remembered how about three years ago I started drawing lines in the corner of my office calendar on a quiet day at work and soon noticed that a ghost ship was taking shape. Oh, how I miss aimless drawing.