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the elephant

As winter still holds Dublin in its grasp, there is no better time than this to find a warm cosy café and have a nice cup of tea or a hot chocolate. Foam on 24 Strand Street Great, just off Jervis Street and the Italian Quarter is worth seeing as its crazy interior is guaranteed to shake that gray-day-grumpiness off anyone! Spread over two floors the café offers an impressive menu including pizzas, salads, tapas, omelettes, pastas and soups to choose from; not to forget the many delicious cakes that attract passers-by at the window.  My white tea was served in a beautiful elephant tea pot and I think if an elephant would actually stand in the middle of the room, no one would give it a second look as it would blend in the lovely chaos so perfectly.

nr 37

A big light bulb sign and colorful sofas behind what must be one of the most impressive windows in town attract passers-by to step into this club of bizarre beings at 37 Dawson Street. Cocktails and finger food are served under the eyes of lurking beasts and your fellow guests reflecting from the many mirrors that decorate the walls together with painted plates and old educational posters of human anatomy. If a unicorn would have walked through one of the tall rooms of this enchanting café, that would have seemed just… normal.

the cup coffee bar

Just a few steps off the Jervis street hustle-bustle you’ll find this quiet little street that looks a bit rough and ramshackle in places, just as much as modern and cool in others.  And in the middle of it you’ll spot a small red metal table with two matching chairs under a sign that says “The Cup Coffee Bar”. Actually, the name of this color splash is Love is Art, and they serve your coffee in the cutest, most summery cups together with Belgian style waffles and those delicious cakes that contain enough calories to keep you going for a good few days. The whole place is like one big sketch book with drawings and lines connecting with one another on the colorful walls while the young lady with the beautiful smile is preparing your coffee behind the counter.