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The Diet Coke by Jean Paul Gaultier Tour

For a moment I thought they were building a circus at my local square, when the colorful trucks and vans drove in and the music started to play, but actually it was the Diet Coke by Jean Paul Gaultier on Tour. You can visit this exclusive event in Belfast, Dublin, Cork and Galway in July-August and pop along to get a taste of JPG inspired mini nail treatments and anchor body art. You’ll also have the chance to have your picture taken while sipping the sparkling black beverage from a cool Jean Paul Gaultier bottle; corset lace, fishner stockings and sailor stripes – All the signature elements are in place! And while these little metallic bottles can add a funny touch to your home decoration, when you’re done with them, remember to recycle! Visit the Diet Coke facebook page for dates.

Sustainable fashion: Sian Jacobs

In my search for local Irish designers I visited Cow’s Lane Designer Studio  and among the colorful jewellery, metal sculptures and furniture made by local artists and designers I found one clothes rail that stood out. Sian Jacobs is a Dublin-based designer specialized in cashmere and silk creations. She works directly with small Nepalese suppliers that use sustainable AZO-free dyes and employ local skilled women offering them a fair income and normal working hours. Part of the profits even go to Foundation Nepal, which is an Irish registered charity that helps women in the Nepali communities to fight their way out of poverty. So, these silk and cashmere cardigans and tops don’t just look and feel luxurious but the sustainable values behind the creations add an extra appeal to them. I bought a T-shirt in light grey jersey with a pale rose silk back piece and I’m sure I’ll be back for one of those timeless & elegant cardigans in the near future. The sales assistant explained that this particular model was made in New York and would …


How lucky am I; sunshine on my day off! All I needed to wear was a featherlight tunic. Silk/cotton tunic from Levi’s, Second hand Hugo Boss ballerinas from Oxfam.

late night shopping

On our way home from the vet, we passed the Oxfam shop on George’s street and noticed it was open. This store does occasional late night openings (the staff hinted that they are aiming to organize one every last Thursday of the month) with special items and little treats for their customers. This time it was designer clothing and lemonade, very nice initiative indeed. I walked home with a pair of black ballerinas in perforated leather and a snazzy vintage bracelet.