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ice cream

Today was a beautiful day and unlike the usual “Looks warm – Is cold” weather, it actually was warm enough to leave the jacket home! This needed to be celebrated with some ice cream. We went to Murphy’s and it was good.

the cup coffee bar

Just a few steps off the Jervis street hustle-bustle you’ll find this quiet little street that looks a bit rough and ramshackle in places, just as much as modern and cool in others.  And in the middle of it you’ll spot a small red metal table with two matching chairs under a sign that says “The Cup Coffee Bar”. Actually, the name of this color splash is Love is Art, and they serve your coffee in the cutest, most summery cups together with Belgian style waffles and those delicious cakes that contain enough calories to keep you going for a good few days. The whole place is like one big sketch book with drawings and lines connecting with one another on the colorful walls while the young lady with the beautiful smile is preparing your coffee behind the counter.


What are Saturdays made of? Lazy mornings and healthy breakfasts, browsing the street and finding interesting little things, smelling flowers, riding the tram, shopping a little and enjoying good food. Curling up on the sofa and watching the pale pink evening sky. That’s what Saturdays are made of. Soy yogurt with home made granola (wheat bran, flax seed mix with walnuts and brazil nuts, chia seeds and spelt flakes) topped with blueberries together with whole grain rye bread and natural peanut butter. Atlantis Crystals was a new aquaintance to me. The little store had a wonderful selection of stones, beautiful jewellery, books, reiki candles, home decoration items and lights and lanterns; all reasonably priced as well. The two ladies behind the counter were very smiling and helpful and we walked out with a little necklace and a stone in the pocket. Time Flies A very light macrobiotic dinner with boiled short-grain brown rice and steamed carrots with baby spinach and horseradish with just a hint of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


Last Sunday I saw two young artists painting an electricity cabinet in the afternoon sun. And now, whenever I walk by, this little library puts a smile on my face. Thank you Holly and Cathal for making this street corner just a little bit more interesting.