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March staples

I’m so not “à la mode”. I don’t follow fashion and most of my clothes are years, or decades old. I spend most of my time in yoga pants and big sweaters. But I do like interesting cuts and silhouettes, I like discovering designers who are passionate not only about their brand and sales but also about sustainability and new ways of creating beautiful, ecological products. And I like the power of colours. In March it has been mainly about smoky blues. Top picture: Vintage Longchamp bag. I got the edgy top one-of-a-kind by Lamda Alpha directly from the designer in Athens. COS cardigans have become a cornerstone of my wardrobe. The Zadig & Voltaire jacket is living it’s third spring now and the beautifully cut power dress by Année érotique has served me through many office-emergencies. The dream soft cashmere scarf from Sian Jacobs has been in so much use that I wonder it is still in one piece, I simply love it! The Dr. Martens’ were a genuine must-buy when I got caught in a snow storm in …

life’s little pleasures

Today we said “Bye Bye” to Sunday afternoons at the laundrette as we got a washing machine! That’s right, so far we’ve been sitting at the laundrette with a book listening to the drums spinning, and Oh how it feels like a luxury to have this wonderful piece of household technology at home (thanks to a dear friend of mine, whose family had recently grown large enough for a necessary washing machine upgrade). So while our own Miele is humming in the bathroom, here are some pictures from Miele Catwalk  2011 fashion event, where Belgian fashion designers had given a Miele machine a new look.

urban turban

No, this is not a picture of my great great grandmother. It’s me wearing my new handmade turban and testing how to post from my Lumia. I’ll share the instructions for the turban later, it’s easy to make and perhaps an idea for a Christmas present. The jacket is from Fift Avenue Shoe Repair.


Comfort was my main goal when I was packing for Paris and I spent most of the weekend in one of my favorite jersey dresses, a big woolen scarf and boots made for walking.