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dreaming of

Alvar Aalto (1898 – 1976) is at the very top of the list of Finnish designer’s who’s work I admire the most. From furniture and textiles to glassware and architecture he created some of the timeless cornerstones of Finnish design. One of my personal favorites is the “Kultakello” (Bell) lamp  which was born in the late 1930’s when Aalto was working on the interior design for the Savoy restaurant in Helsinki together with his wife Aino. Today, the lamps can be bought at Artek in a few different colors and materials. I’d love a pair of the original golden ones for the livingroom. Pictures: Artek and

after work

I decided to relieve my after work tiredness with some flowers and the IMAGE magazine, which is the only Irish fashion/lifestyle magazine I’ve been able to find so far as most of the glossy publications sold here are UK editions. So a little bit of reading and a glass of wine while admiring our brand new Tapio Wirkkala Paperbag vase, which for the first time served its purpose.

for a good cause

There still remains a lot of work to be done in Japan after the March 2011 Earthquake. People continue to need reconstruction assistance, many people are still without a home and work, many people are affected by the nuclear catastrophe. I was asked to take part in a charity market organized by my friend Kaori. It must be fifteen years ago when I met Kaori, who was an exchange student in my hometown in Finland. She fell in love with Finnish design, and has since opened a store called Shop Yksi selling Finnish design items in Tokyo. This is the second edition of the Tohokuouen charity market, where small Finnish designers and other people with a good heart have sent their creations or vintage items and 100% of the earnings are donated to the Japanese Red Cross. I participated together with my mom, who had knitted a cute colorful hat with a matching scarf. All the success for this wonderful project!

There is a new girl in town

And her name is Viona Blu; a new kind of player in the field of luxury bags and accessories and definitely worth watching. When Finnish designer Sirpa Kalliola introduced her creations for the first time to the public last Friday, the Classic Coffee at Tampella welcomed a curious crew who got a chance to enjoy ballet dancers presenting the collection while sipping on strawberry bubbles and macarons. Viona Blu is all about quality and craftsmanship, timeless elegance and funky colorful details. And when I know all the hard work Sirpa has put into her first collection, I cannot but say: Congratulations and All the success! Kuvat: Jari Nupponen Kuva: Anna ❤ You