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Green Soup – Broccoli & Co.

No better day to Go Green than today. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, here’s a simple green soup for a healthier liquid fuel to get you through the celebrations. Main ingredients are broccoli, fennel and celery and it’s ready in 15 minutes. Broccoli, Fennel and Celery Soup 2 medium broccoli heads, washed & cut into florets 2 small fennel bulbs, washed & cut into pieces 1 stalk of celery, washed & cut into pieces 1 yellow onion, peeled & chopped 1-2 cloves of garlic, peeled & chopped 1 vegetable stock cube black pepper salt to taste 1 tbsp organic butter water In a large saucepan melt the butter and throw in the onion. Simmer over medium heat for a minute or two, then add the garlic and stir for another minute. Add the broccoli, fennel and celery into the saucepan, cover with water and mix in the vegetable stock. Turn the heat up and bring to boil. Let the soup boil for about 10-15 minutes, occasionally stirring, until the vegetables start to soften. Mix in a blender …

raw berry cheesecake

It’s only since I got into raw dessert-making that I fell in love with “baking”. Before I rarely bothered to bake fluffy muffins or death-by-chocolate brownies, but now I’m more and more into sweet things. The great thing is that these recipes are easy to make, actually good for you and don’t give that sugar-high followed by regret like those brownies and cakes so often do. So, here is my first cake recipe, which is sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and if you substitute the honey with agave syrup or another sweetener, it’s 100% vegan too. I hope you enjoy it. Base 1 dl almond powder (or peeled almonds) 2 dl pecan nuts 1 dl coconut flakes (unsweetened) 16 dates (soaked for at least 4 hours) pinch of salt Using a food processor, mix all the ingredients into a thick paste (I used my Jazzmax juicer which has a function for turning nuts & dates into a paste). Press the mix firmly and evenly into a springform cake pan and put it into the freezer. Next, make …

Why Choose Organic?

I highly value organic, pure and real food that is prepared from scratch with love. This is why I eat less and less in restaurants, why I’m willing to compromise on other expenditures and why I’m inspired to browse at markets or spend hours in the kitchen experimenting. But what is organic food and what makes it so amazing? There are many definitions for organic agriculture but according to FAO it is “a system that relies on ecosystem management rather than external agricultural inputs. It considers potential environmental and social impacts by eliminating the use of synthetic inputs, such as synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, veterinary drugs, genetically modified seeds and breeds, preservatives, additives and irradiation. These are replaced with site-specific management practices that maintain and increase long-term soil fertility and prevent pest and diseases.” 1. Your Body is Your Temple While research results on the health benefits of organic fruit and vegetables have been contradictory, the benefits for the environment (below) are numerous. And by using our common sense, it’s not difficult to conclude that we’re …

sunday mornings <3

How wonderful it is to wake up and see this: To enjoy the trees in the garden and the light flowing into the kitchen, preparing a tasty brunch together and taking the time to enjoy it is the best these early spring Sunday mornings have to offer.  

l’epicerie – cuisine du marché

One woman, one menu of the day, a few rustic wooden tables and a cute little kitchen at the back. L’Epicerie just off Place du Chatelain offers an authentic and warm atmosphere – a great place for lunch. Rather than cool and commercial, L’Epicerie has a back to basics -feel: The food is simple and tasty, made from good quality ingredients with love. Address: Rue du Page 66

Dec 18: restaurant at home

Sometimes it’s nice to take some time during the week to cook together, set a beautiful table and put on some music; just because and not for any particular reason 🙂 Preparing a meal from scratch and sitting down to eat without any hurry can take all night, but it’s like therapy for the stressed mind. And a three course “restaurant at home” dinner might be a Christmas gift idea as well.  

le Paris végétarien, ça existe?

The French cuisine is world-known but often lacks vegetarian options. I’ve always found it hard in to find a decent vegetarian dish on the menus in the restaurants of Paris, so now when another trip to the city of light approaches I thought I’d ask for some advice. If anyone out there has a tip for a good vegetarian or raw food restaurant in Paris, please leave a comment 🙂 Whether it be a cute little lunch place or a gourmet restaurant for a romantic dinner – all tips are welcome.