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interior inspiration for the autumn

In July I visited a housing fair for the first time in my life. As building or renovating our own dream house isn’t something for the immediate future, it was mostly interior inspiration I was looking for. I was also very interested in the ecological and sustainable wood building projects at the Seinäjoki housing fair. There was something for all tastes: From the minimalist wood cabins to mansions that looked like they were extracted straight from a scene in the Bold and the Beautiful. Here are my favourites, prepare yourself for loads of pictures! My absolute favourite at the fair was a modern ecological wood house “Kotola” which we almost missed because of its location just off the main path ways of the fair grounds. I fell in love with the house designed by architect Tapani Takkunen, the interior design and ceramics by Eeva Takkunen and Tuija Koponen. The house had an updated soul of a wooden house. I could’ve moved in right there and then! My other favourites included Moroccan influences, wild house plants, painted tiles …

benefits of himalayan salt lamps

Improves Air-Quality Reduces allergens Boosts good mood and immunity Increases general well-being and mental clarity Has a relaxing effect Can help reduce symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder Improves sleep How does it work? Himalayan Salt Lamps act as natural negative ionizers. Negative ions are created in nature by moving water (rain, waterfalls, tide and waves on a beach), thunderstorms as well as sunlight. That is why the air feels so fresh and easy to breathe after a rain shower or on a beach. As the in-built light bulb gently heats the salt stone it starts to become humid. It will produce negative ions to the surrounding air improving overall air-quality and neutralizing positively charged ions created by electronic appliances, bacteria and allergens. Himalayan salt lamps have a soothing, relaxing effect; Partly because they charge the air around them with negative ions, partly because of the beautiful, warm light that they create. You can read more about the science and benefits behind negative ions for example HERE Himalayan salt lamps are available in health stores, just …

chinese teapots and vintage treasures

I found these pictures today and as I find winter to be a kind of nest building season -perhaps with more hours spent at home-, I thought it would be a good moment for some interior inspiration. So, here we are: Inside a beautiful Brussels apartment surrounded by vintage furniture and souvenirs from Asia. It’s been a while since my friend moved away from this apartment, so I’ll make sure to visit her new inspiring home as well.

the guest bed

Another successful day of second hand shopping behind and one of the best finds by far was this Safari camping bed. I would love to keep it as a day bed in the livingroom, but the space might be just too small for it.