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forget the winter blues

How to stay awake in November, that’s the question. Well here are a few simple tips to get you through the darkest month of the year. Light some candles: no better time than this to enjoy the calming soft light.Read books: wrap yourself in a comfy blanket and get carried away by a story. Snuggle. Eat a lot of fruit and veggies. And sometimes treat yourself a little. Get creative: the internet is full of crafty ideas for xmas decoration or presents and now is the time to make them! Exercise: I know, it’s a drag in the morning but makes the whole day! Tea: try adding some ginger, mint, cinnamon or star anise to your favourite tea.And finally: Find some great people to share all or some of this with!


Yep, I’m still going on about tiles… I’d been looking for some coasters for a while now, but so far the perfect ones hadn’t appeared; Until we were walking along Rue de Birague in the 4th arrondissement of Paris and I saw an old wine box full of colourful tiles in front of a small shop called Asiatissimo. Above the box was a sign “Mexican tiles 2e / piece”. Inside the store was full of gorgeous Asian furniture and home decoration objects, too heavy to  carry home this time. But there were also more of these beautiful tiles and 9 of them came home with me. Then it was just a matter of sticking those felt stickers used for furniture under each coaster. Perhaps later I will paint the sides for a more clean look, but for the moment I’m very happy with their rustic appearance.

flower power

As I’m recovering from an autumn cold and spending most of my time on the sofa wrapped in blankets, I decided to get some flowers to cheer me up. I’m so used to having flowers at home, that the place seemed empty and cold without. Now we’re back on track.  

running late

I rarely oversleep. Today I did. The feeling when you look at the digits on the alarm clock and realize that an hour has disappeared somewhere… Anyway, I was going to work on some pictures from the EAT Brussels restaurant festival this morning, but as I’m running late I’ll get back to that later and in the meantime let’s have some breakfast at a friend’s place 🙂

home spa

On Friday I spent a wonderfully relaxing evening with a friend at Waer Waters. However it’s not always necessary to leave the house for a pampering spa experience. All it takes is some quiet time, a few candles and relaxation music to set the spa mood into your own bathroom. And if you don’t have a bath tub at home, make yourself a warm foot bath, put on a face mask, sit down with a cup of herbal tea and a good book, or just close your eyes and relax. I love decorating the bathroom with natural objects that remind me of the sea: drift wood, sea shells and stones all have their own story to tell.

after the silence comes change

Hello everyone and sorry for the long silence. The last couple of months have been all about taking stock and also about (too) hard work. Days have sneaked into weeks and months quicker than ever, but the summer will bring change with it. And the below picture is a little  hint for what’s coming up in a couple of week’s time.

dolce far niente

I consider a day off a true luxury. I have time for myself, I can do whatever I want or do nothing if that’s what I want. But it’s surprising how much you usually get done during those days of doing nothing. I sent some important emails, booked a holiday, cleaned the house, worked on some pattern making, enjoyed the rays of sun with a magazine and a cup of tea in my hands and cooked a three course meal to finish the day. It was a good day.