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vintage kimono

The purple vintage kimono I spotted at the vintage fair found it’s place in our stairway. It brings the perfect splash of colour to the unusually shaped small space and has enough room around it to bring out its true beauty. When I bought the kimono I was a bit worried about where I could find a suitable natural branch on a late Sunday afternoon, because as a rather inpatient person I of course wanted to hang it on the wall immediately. Luckily I found just the branch I needed by the beach just outside the venue.  Et voilà! I’ve always been attracted to the aesthetics of Japanese clothing, interior design, teapots and other every day objects. I love the simple straight-line cut elegance of the silk Kimonos and the hand painted and embroidered details in this one really made an impression on me.

the flower pot

For some reason it always seems that dust appears from nowhere just hours after a thorough cleaning. In order to improve the indoor air quality – which surprisingly can often be many times more polluted than the outdoor air in the city – I did a little research about suitable house plants to purify the air we breath. The first plant I chose was a Peace Lily, which has a great ability to remove air pollutants. As this plant enjoys a place in mid-light to shade, it moved into the bedroom. Secondly, I got a small Aloe Vera plant, which in addition to its numerous medicinal properties effectively removes formaldehyde and electromagnetic radiation from the air. The gorgeous rustic clay pots are from the most beautiful flower shop in Dublin: The Garden at Powerscourt.