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home spa

On Friday I spent a wonderfully relaxing evening with a friend at Waer Waters. However it’s not always necessary to leave the house for a pampering spa experience. All it takes is some quiet time, a few candles and relaxation music to set the spa mood into your own bathroom. And if you don’t have a bath tub at home, make yourself a warm foot bath, put on a face mask, sit down with a cup of herbal tea and a good book, or just close your eyes and relax. I love decorating the bathroom with natural objects that remind me of the sea: drift wood, sea shells and stones all have their own story to tell.

at La Petite Nina’s

She is a friend, a fellow Scandinavian, a dancer and a talented clothes designer. Marina works from home and as soon as you walk in the door it’s obvious that you’ve entered the house of a designer; creativity, ideas and stories just seems to have made themselves at home – just like her favorite vintage pieces that have traveled a long way from the family home in Sweden. The beautiful leather rocking chair is one of the vintage pieces Marina has brought from Sweden. Marina’s partner is a graphic designer and musician and while Marina’s collection has taken center stage in the house, music plays an equally important part in their lives. The work space is well organised; Scandinavian design and functionality at it’s best. The collection of La Petite Nina is made from start to finish here in Marina’s studio. The woman behind the clothes: Marina has lived in Brussels for 10 years and the collection is a combination of influences from her homeland Sweden and from the bohemian-chic street style of Brussels. The …

friday feelgoods

1. Two letters from two wonderful ladies waiting for me in the mailbox. 2. The flowers I bought on Wednesday are starting to bloom beautifully 3. Macaroons from Fabrice Collignon to be enjoyed with an inspiring issue of ELLE France 4. And the best of all: There is no hurry, no worry and nowhere I need to be.

breakfast with roses

One of the best things about being a woman is the right to receive flowers, preferably lots of them and often. But seriously speaking, while it is always a wonderful surprise to find a beautiful bouquet on the kitchen table when coming home, it’s equally nice to grab a punch tulips or peonies from the market on my way from work. Some of my most precious childhood memories include picking wild flowers from the fields for my mother; these natural bouquets brought in the smell of summer, the sound of bees and butterflies, the lightness of the night-less nights.  Here in Brussels, my search for the perfect local flower shop continues. Luckily there are plenty of options in the neighborhood. These roses are from Monceau Fleurs on Chaussee de Waterloo. While flowers bring beauty and brighten up any grey day, it’s difficult to ignore the voice of the conscious consumer in my head. Many flowers are produced using heavy pesticides, abusive use of energy and water as well as unfair treatment of workers. And most likely …

after the silence comes change

Hello everyone and sorry for the long silence. The last couple of months have been all about taking stock and also about (too) hard work. Days have sneaked into weeks and months quicker than ever, but the summer will bring change with it. And the below picture is a little  hint for what’s coming up in a couple of week’s time.

dolce far niente

I consider a day off a true luxury. I have time for myself, I can do whatever I want or do nothing if that’s what I want. But it’s surprising how much you usually get done during those days of doing nothing. I sent some important emails, booked a holiday, cleaned the house, worked on some pattern making, enjoyed the rays of sun with a magazine and a cup of tea in my hands and cooked a three course meal to finish the day. It was a good day.