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hills of Howth

You don’t have to look far to find another perfect Sunday walk. Howth is easily accessible with the Dart from Connolly Station and in just 25 minutes you’ll find yourself breathing in the fresh sea air surrounded by an amazing landscape. There are four walking tracks to choose from; varying in length and degree of difficulty. All paths start east of the small town of Howth and follow the cliffs along the peninsula. In additions to the breathtaking views from the cliffs, you’ll walk past some impressive gardens, lighthouses and maybe some brave September swimmers. Up on the windy hills the city seems a thousand miles away.

the cliff walk

A perfect day trip: Dublin Area Rapid Transport will take you to Greystones. Have lunch at the Happy Pear and then take the Cliff Walk to Bray. On your path you’ll have a steep hillside to your left and the blue sea to your right, flowers in all colors imaginable and the sound of seabirds in your ears. The walk will take you about 2 hours, after which you can have an ice cream or a spin on the Ferris wheel by the beach.  I got tired of carrying stuff so I my favorite scarf had to play a backpack