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6 years of 3Rooms+Kitchen

Thank you WordPress for reminding me, it’s been 6 years of 3Rooms+Kitchen today! 6 years ago I had just moved into my apartment on Rue Alfred Cluysenaar in Brussels. Since then it’s been 3 apartments and 3 countries, active and less active times with the blog. Life has been about searching: for my place, my professional calling, my passion. Maybe there is someone out there who has had the patience to follow me from the very beginning?! During these 6 years the changes in my life, my values and my interests are apparent. From busy and active city life to a more quiet, calm life in the countryside. The Dior pumps have changed into rubber boots, the brunches in busy cafes into gluten-free homemade breakfast enjoyed at our own rustic kitchen table. I got married. I left my job at the office, I took risks, I dreamed big. I struggled, I cried but I always somehow made it through, and grew. I’m still growing, and my life is looking more and more like me. I …

christmas meal for 2

This year we decided to stay home for Christmas, just the two of us. 2016 has been a busy year full of challenges and changes and it felt good to take some time to relax, enjoy good food, read and discuss and play some board games. I made a vegetarian version of the traditional Karelian hot pot using pulled oats and gluten/free ginger bread adapting my grandmother’s recipe, a childhood favourite. We were lucky to have some snow for the weekend and we took our boots out for a walk in the forest.  Wishing everyone peaceful and heartwarming holidays ❤


Lately I’ve been running through life like a headless chicken: Planning, working, organizing, traveling, worrying, stressing. It’s been hard to keep track of days and weeks and where I’ve promised to be each hour. Yesterday, as I was pulling my hair writing an assignment I decided to be bold and take a break. So I jumped into my jogging pants, rolled out my mat and I did some yoga, I sang my mantra and breathed. Suddenly, things seemed to fall back into perspective. What was all this running and planning and stressing about? I laughed at myself a bit, you know, the kind type of laughter. Sometimes stopping is the best way forward.

now, wait a minute!

I recall times when I could stand at a bus stop watching the cars drive by and clap my hands together to stay warm. I was able to queue in line at the cheese counter pondering my choices between the Parmesans, Manchegos and Goudas peeking out between the shoulders in front of me. I could survive my friend popping into the ladies room between the main course and dessert by sipping my wine and observing my fellow diners and the waiters at work. I was even able to pass a couple of hours on a train by simply staring out the window to the changing landscape, imagining how it would be to live in those towns or walk those roads or sit by the fire in one of those cottages by the lake. And then I got a smartphone, with internet, and waiting became unbearable. The first thing I do when I’m left alone with nothing obvious to do is to take out my phone and start browsing Facebook, the news, blogs, you name it. And I’ve noticed …

Wake up, smile and say: I’m Back!

This morning I woke up and for the first time in five days I felt (quite) good. After almost a week in bed recovering from a nasty gastroenteritis, I still felt tired and my pants were too big from the waist, but I felt that this morning there was a change for the better. During the week I’ve learned to let go of all ideas about being productive, as I realized that while I was sleeping and keeping myself hydrated, my body was working hard to recover; so I decided to give it the best possible conditions to do so. So those days were not wasted, and today is a new day. And they’re all important and unique and we’ll never get them back. I guess what I am trying to say is this: Don’t let Today pass by unnoticed because your hopes and dreams are for tomorrow. When Tomorrow arrives, it will be another Today, just like this one. Dream about Today instead, and you can find yourself living the Dream.

falling in love …with the One

OK, I’m not a big Valentine’s Day person, but no better day to talk about Love since today it’s on everyone’s mind anyway, right? With all the paper cards, expensive dinners and cute presents as well as the feelings of exclusion and disappointment felt today if you’re not in that perfect relationship it’s easy to forget that One True Love that we all have and often fail to celebrate: Ourselves. So I decided to gather my tips to Falling in Love with Yourself, and I hope you will all live happily ever after. Be Your Own Best Friend Imagine that your best friend is trying to lose some weight. She puts on a jumper that is quite tight on her and asks you, full of frustration: “Don’t I still look like an elephant in this?” You would probably encourage her, pointing out how you already really notice the change in her and that by the summer that jumper will fit perfectly. Or would you tell her that she is right, she looks huge in that? …


This passage from Simon Hartley’s book Could I Do That? Really hits home on these dark mornings when my alarm goes off for an early morning practice. In it Hartley talks about his own challenge: “There is an interesting little conversation that goes on between my ears when the alarm clock goes off. It’s 5.15 am on a cold and dark December morning. My training schedule says ‘cycling’, which means an hour in the garage on the turbo trainer. I don’t know about your garage, but mine isn’t the most luxurious place on a wet, cold, dark winter’s morning. There is a temptation when that alarm clock goes off to hit the snooze button, or to switch it off or throw it across the room. As I hear the beeps, my brain starts to ask annoying questions. ‘Do I really need to get up? Could I do this later in the day? Is this session vital? If I decided to stay in bed, would it really make all that much difference?’ It is in these …