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lunch: when in Belgium

Last Sunday I spent a lovely girls’ afternoon with my friend Marina here at home. While she was taking pictures of the apartment, I prepared us a little lunch. I’m not big into junk food but when in Belgium… The frites are just too good to ignore! So, as I had some frozen bio frites in the freezer, I decided to serve them with a Greek style salad. As I prefer to cook the fries in the oven, they often lack that wonderful crispiness. But this time I got an idea and it worked perfectly: First cook the fries in the oven, then heat a tablespoon of coconut oil in a wok pan, throw the fries in and let them fry for a few minutes, turning them regularly. This way you’ll get your crispy perfect Belgian frites without trans fat or cholesterol: Coconut oil is actually said to be good for you!

Fast food ;-)

I love days off during the week: to take my time in the morning, prepare my lunch with love instead of heating some left overs at the office  canteen. However, I have many things to do today so I went for a quick lunch recipe: Goat cheese tartine made on a delicious country bread from the bio market, soft goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes, a bit of Parmesan and black pepper on top. On the side a little salad with tomatoes, cucumber, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and some avocado oil. Quick, easy and oh so good!