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winter sun

It’s absolutely fantastic to have a walk in the forest or by the water when the air is fresh and the pale winter sun is shining over a landscape covered in a delicate layer of frost. Hear the leaves rimmed with frost rustle under your feet, feel your lungs fill up with fresh cold air and just for a moment: forget about everything else.


On Wednesday I went for the first time in my life to a meditation class. I have meditated many times before at home, but a few days back I spotted an ad on a shop window and decided check it out. And after all this recent hassle and changes in my life  it was wonderful just to sit down in a quiet room and let someone talk my way through to relaxation and peace of mind. My mission for the next upcoming days is to try to be as fully present as possible and use all my senses to experience each moment fully. This is one of the biggest challenges I can imagine, since our minds get constantly distracted and if someone asks what did I have for lunch yesterday, I find it hard to remember; just because I wasn’t really there. So, let’s just take a moment and breath a little.