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life’s little pleasures

Today we said “Bye Bye” to Sunday afternoons at the laundrette as we got a washing machine! That’s right, so far we’ve been sitting at the laundrette with a book listening to the drums spinning, and Oh how it feels like a luxury to have this wonderful piece of household technology at home (thanks to a dear friend of mine, whose family had recently grown large enough for a necessary washing machine upgrade). So while our own Miele is humming in the bathroom, here are some pictures from Miele Catwalk  2011 fashion event, where Belgian fashion designers had given a Miele machine a new look.

Miele Catwalk 2011 (Part 3)

The beautifully dyed romantic high volume silk skirts were my favorites from Just in Case‘s collection “You’re gonna make my lonesome when you go” Gone hunting! The collection from Scapa is inspired by nature and tradition. All you need is a horse to go with the elegant and flattering coats and pants. Olivier Strelli Sandrina Fasoli was one of my favorites of the evening. Joanne Vanden Avenne Tim van Steenbergen Natan closed the show.    

Miele Catwalk 2011 (Part 2: Underneath your clothes)

Marie Jo L’Aventure 2011 collection is a result of co-operation with designer Veronique Branquinho and celebrates the 30th birthday of the Haute Lingerie brand. These luxurious, elegant and vintage inspired pieces come in two main colors: onyx and emerald. The silhouettes are clear and timeless. When the perfectly golden tanned models walked forward in their red wigs it seemed as if a display window from the 60’s had suddenly come to life. I like the demi corps that beautifully combines transparent material and perfect support. It finds it’s perfect pair in the retro style high-waisted briefs. Lenny Leleu is a German born designer and another talent from the Antwerp Royal Academy of fine arts. On the Miele Catwalk she gave an overview of her swimwear collections from 2007 to 2012. Her adventurous line is produced in Belgium and has achieved success worldwide. Lenny Leleu really stole the show with her gorgeous ballet dancers and excellent choice of music.

Miele Catwalk (part 1)

Jantine van Peski was a totally new acquaintance to me, most likely because she just graduated from the Antwerp Fashion Academy with her charming “WIRES 10.0” collection. The pieces she has created are like wearable textile sculptures combining woven knits with transparent fabric and delicately cut wool. Van Peski has gained experience with houses like A.F. Vandevorst and Haider Ackermann before launching her own collection. I fell instantly in love with her work. The skilfully cut and bewitching silhouettes were minimalistic and full of details at the same time. I think that in their outstanding beauty the clothes would also proof to be practical and warm. Each designer that took part in the show had decorated or designed a personalized look for one of the Miele Machines. (Picture: Miele Catwalk Press material) Filles à Papa “Daddy’s Girls” was another designer new to me that I found very interesting. Since 2008 these Belgian sisters have created their casual yet glam clothing and accessories. The new collection combines metallic leggings and grey t-shirts with knits, sequins and a rebel attitude. …

Miele Catwalk 2011

Yesterday I attended the third edition of the Belgian Miele Catwalk. I’ll soon share some pics of my favorite looks from the fashion show and the most interesting outfits of the guests of the party. I was wearing a Helmut Lang dress, hand made bag and necklace, leggings from H&M and my good old boots. In the actual event I was awake 😉