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Girls night in the country

Last weekend I got a small break from the city, when we visited my friend’s beautiful house in a small village outside Brussels. I don’t have to go far to realize how stressful everyday life is in the city. Here I could breath in the tranquility of life together with cows, horses, sheep and birds surrounded by forest and corn fields. And just when I thought that life is sweet we got to eat delicious homemade pizza while watching a romantic comedy, laugh until it hurt and speak in our own language! In the night I slept like a log without any ambulance speeding by or tram shaking the building.

Friday night

Tonight I stayed in, ate delicious pasta, followed by some raspberry sorbet. A glass of wine and Sleepless in Seattle. The perfect way to recharge my batteries after a week at the office. Fry a sliced onion and some red sweet pepper in a frying pan in a generous amount of olive oil. Add some garlic, sun dried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese. Spice with salt, pepper and some balsamic cream. I would’ve added some fresh basil, if I’d had some. Boil some tagliatelle and enjoy!