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winter sun

It’s absolutely fantastic to have a walk in the forest or by the water when the air is fresh and the pale winter sun is shining over a landscape covered in a delicate layer of frost. Hear the leaves rimmed with frost rustle under your feet, feel your lungs fill up with fresh cold air and just for a moment: forget about everything else.

the cliff walk

A perfect day trip: Dublin Area Rapid Transport will take you to Greystones. Have lunch at the Happy Pear and then take the Cliff Walk to Bray. On your path you’ll have a steep hillside to your left and the blue sea to your right, flowers in all colors imaginable and the sound of seabirds in your ears. The walk will take you about 2 hours, after which you can have an ice cream or a spin on the Ferris wheel by the beach.  I got tired of carrying stuff so I my favorite scarf had to play a backpack